How Will Yoga Improve Workplace Morale?

The regular workday can be pretty stressful, especially when working really long hours and having to deal with various personal wishes. Accumulating stress is a very big problem affecting the modern employee. If we are to look at the perspective of the company, employees that are unhappy and stressed will not be productive so the company will not be able to get the profit it could. When looking at the employee, the strain associated with work stress affects mental health every single day. Bosses rarely recognize the fact that employees are not having a good mood so it is common to see issues happening between them and employees.

Yoga is a really effective way to fight stress on a daily basis. It helps regain composure, get rid of mental pain and relax. What is great about this activity is that you do not need to be at a specific physical level or buy equipment from a yoga shop. Just half an hour per day will be needed to perform all the needed stretches, poses and even for the meditation you require to be much more relaxed. How does this happen?

The Beginning

Regular yoga sessions start with breathing and stretching exercises. Practitioners normally sit on a yoga math and slowly stretch toes. Breathing is a vital part of everything. Those that do not have flexibility are going to learn how to breathe while exercises are performed. This breathing aspect of yoga is what makes it really useful for those that are extremely stressed. As yoga teaches you how to breathe you end up finding yourself in relaxed states much more often. Breathing exercises help at work. Whenever you feel stressed or pressure, breathing, as you learn in yoga helps to better deal with the situation.

The Basic Poses

After stretching you normally go through beginner poses. An example of a really common one is Child’s Pose. In this one you have knees on the mat, extend arms in front for as long as they want to go. The palms are put on the ground as the knees stay in place and the back remains straight. This yoga pose is going to stretch your entire back, which is great since it is the back where you have much anxiety and stress stored. As you perform the pose for around 2 minutes you get to feel the stress in your body go away. The same goes for the common upward and downward yoga poses.

The Corpse Pose

This is usually the end pose of a regular yoga session. You do it by being laid on the back flat, with the hands on the side. Yoga practitioners do the pose in order to relax the mind and the body. It helps to clear the mind of the anxiety and stress that could have appeared at work, eventually reaching the point at which you do not think about anything while laying in the corpse pose. Generally, the pose is done for 5 minutes but you can go more if you want to.

Workplace Morale Improvement

To sum up, yoga helps improve workplace morale simply because of the fact it helps deal with the associated anxiety and stress.

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