You Will Thank Us – 6 Essential Tips To Sell Clothes Online

Every once in awhile we find ourselves in our room and sitting amongst a pile of clothes that we don’t need. Admit it. We all have a habit of splurging a little bit too hard during a sale or randomly have an episode of impulse buying at the mall. Maybe you thought something that was today but a month later you found a reason not to use it anymore. You’re stuck between the thought of giving it away to charity, your friends, your relative or anyone for free. However, why do that when you can sell off your clothes online and gain a fraction of the money that you spent initially on the clothes?

With the Internet, selling clothes online is now easier than ever. In fact, it is just a matter of a few clicks. Websites such as eBay ,Shopify ,makes it so easy to sell clothes online. While you may just be thinking of selling your used clothes online, the resale market in the Internet is growing rapidly. With sneakers resellers selling Yeezys for 10 times the original price, there are definitely buyers out there for your clothes. Think about it, you can also make some extra cash when you sell your clothes online.

Here are several tips on how you can maximise your activity of selling clothes online. Hopefully, you will be able to make enough money out of it that you can reward yourself with something good.

  1. Clean out your closets

This is a given since you are trying to sell clothes online. Take some time off your schedule and separate the clothes or shoes that you will like to sell off. Preferably, you can set them aside in a box or a paper bag without crumpling it too much. More often than not, when you’re trying to sell your clothes online, you realise that you probably have more clothes than you need. One of the essential tips on how you can successfully clean out your closet is to make sure you do not leave the room until you get the task done.

  1. Iron everything

There is a probability that your used clothes may have been left under a pile of other clothes. When you want to sell your clothes online, you have to take good photos of these clothes. Therefore, you need to make sure everything looks presentable in the pictures. You can either iron it while you’re watching your favourite TV show so that you are not occupied with the thought that you are ironing your clothes.

  1. Take realistic photos

This part of the guide on selling clothes online is very important because there are too many resellers take unrealistic pictures of their items that it looks completely different when it arrives into the hands of the new owner. The last thing that you should do when selling clothes online is to paint an unrealistic picture of the item. Use your DSLR or an your phone camera. Avoid taking pictures that are too blurry or low quality because this will hinder the interest of any buyers when you are selling clothes online.

  1. Provide clear descriptions

Another important thing to remember when selling clothes online is to provide clear and accurate descriptions. Many resellers are not honest in this part of selling clothes online. They paint a rosy picture on the condition of the items they are selling online. Therefore, to be successful in selling your clothes online, be the truthful towards your prospects about the condition of your items.

  1. Ship out items on time

Selling clothes online should not be a difficult experience for your customers or yourself. Set a time and date where you can ship out these items. It would be preferable if you can inform the date of shipping to your customer and how fast you can ship out the items. The shipping speed is important when you sell clothes online because consumers generally want their items as soon as possible. Therefore, be precise in stating when you can send out the items or if you can meet up with the customer in person.

  1. Be gracious in handling customer service

More often than not, you will stumble upon one or two difficult customers when you sell clothes online. The way that you respond to them is important towards ensuring that you can make a sale. Therefore, answer their questions as gracefully as you can and if you can’t provide the answer to some questions, be honest about it. Frankly, it is better for you to be honest about the condition of your items rather than having to deal with any exchanges or returns when selling your clothes online.