What Will Most Help to Create More Capacity in Data Center

More capacity is urgently required for data center as the demands for computing and bandwidth are increasing rapidly. There are multiple ways for users to make an improvement for their data center capacity; you can upgrade the devices to the most advanced ones by spending a sum of money. But if you would not like to pay much for that, then introducing high-density management and large-capacity infrastructures to data center must be the most cost-effective solution.

When we deploy more cables and devices that support larger capacity to data center, there will be a respectable increase in the cabling density if no any effective device added to manage them; this environment would limit the performance of data center in fact. So in order to get more real capacity, there are several devices that are able to provide a true and great help for your data center required necessarily.

High-density patch cables

High-density patch cable is greatly helpful as it has a quite smart physical structure that brings multiple benefits for the high-density environment of data center.

  1. Robust design is able to support the rigorous use.
  2. Smaller diameter and overall size largely save the space of installing in the trays, and the space provides better airflow among cables so as to maintain consistent running temperature, which is good for the routine operation and longevity of devices.
  3. A pull-tab fiber optic cable is applied for each high-density patch cable. As you can see from below picture, there is a flexible tab attached to the connector, by this tab design, high-density patch cable is easily to be installed or removed without any trouble brought. In other words, it makes cabling management easier and more reliable.

High-density patch panels

High-density patch panel is comprised of a panel enclosure and multiple modular HD cassettes as below shown. With this structure that is very suitable for high-density cabling, high-density patch panel is able to solve many limits in data center.

  1. Make different interconnection more flexible. Providing a flexible way to connect devices of different generations. For example, 10Gb and 100Gb can be in a panel cassette by different connector.
  2. Easy to install. Equipped with terminated connector so it’s easy to install the cassette in the panel enclosure without any tool required.
  3. Cost-effectiveness.

High-density fiber enclosures

High-density fiber enclosure is structurally designed by combining most of the fiber optic connections to standard modules, which takes the most advantage of the space in data center. Besides, it provides reliable protection for the fiber optic connections. And also, it is beneficial for the cabling management and fiber optic links.


High-density fiber optic infrastures are considered as the best solution for the demanding fiber optic system like data center because they can solve the most difficult problem in the fiber optic environment requiring high-density and high performance. Cozlink can effectively help you accomplish high-density cabling solution for fiber optic system as a reliable fiber optic solution provider.