What You Know About Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a new application that has made its way to the technological era, giving the young generation access to it. While many have questioned the safety of this application, what exactly is it, and how safe is it? Should parents be concerned about their children using this application? Here is all you have to know!

Bigo live: what is it?

Big live is social media live streaming application that allows you to live-stream your place, surrounding, or what you like with a single click of a button. It also supports video blogs, one-to-one or group video calls through group chats and you can have as many as nine users. Bigo live also attracts users to communicate with random people through the video call feature. It also supports filters, similar to that of Snapchat and Instagram.

Is this application safe for kids to use?

This application is rated twelve plus in the Google Play Store, with parental guidance, and is seventeen plus on the Apple App Store. Nevertheless, it does not have any proper verification for identifying the age group using Bigo live. Well, as parents stay concerned, Bigo live isn’t very safe for children to use as it exposes them to strangers.

Teens wanting to get social acceptance can be negatively affected by this application. The mental health of teenagers can also be negatively affected, as streamers and vloggers are given gifts based on their large fan base. An application like Bigo live can affect mental health, self-esteem, sleep patterns, human connection, and the attention span negatively, so it can be said that the application isn’t entirely safe to use for kids and teenagers.

How can parents save their kids for the dangers of this application? 

Parents should monitor their child’s use of the application so it is safe for them to use it. Here are a few things that parents can do.

  1. Talking to kids

Parents can try to talk to their kids about the dangers of using Bigo live applications. Persuade children and explain to them the risks involved and guide them on how to stay safe while getting the best of this application.

  1. Restrict the use of gadgets 

Parents can try to limit their child’s use of gadgets all in all, so the risks and dangers can be reduced. Parents should set the privacy settings on an electronic device and make use of the parental control feature. Monitor children’s use of gadgets.