What New Materials do Siding Contractors Use?

To enhance the look of your house the architectures now use different materials for cladding purpose. previously wall painting as in trend but now the extra construction material is utilized to give the exterior of the walls a beautiful effect. Siding is just a type of decoration of wall that play two roles that is protection as well as add the beauty to your house. The Ann Arbor siding contractors use the following type of the siding materials to give your house an entirely new look.

Aluminum panels and cladding

One of the incredible types of the material in use these days is the Aluminum cladding or panels. The glossy sheets give a bright effect to your house. the best part of this type of the cladding is that it can be easily washed and clean thus gives the wall a new feel. Besides its lightweight properties, it is UV resistant does not degrade easily. Variety of color, themes and pattern options are available, one can use according to the color scheme of the house. to improve the life the manufacturers, use the galvanizing or anodizing techniques so that it cannot be eroded.

PVC cladding

Another amazing and long-lasting siding material that is used these days is PVC. It is the lightweight and high-quality type. The best part of using this type of cladding is that it is available in the number of designs, color schemes, and patterns. It is highly resistant against the severe weather conditions. It provides insulation to home and very easy to install.

Tile Cladding

Tough yet beautiful tile cladding is very much in these days. people love to beautify their exterior with this type of siding material. It comes in panels or tiles form. The granite material is used for making thick tiles. A wide range of colors and patterns are available. To give your house a contemporary look then it is an ideal choice. It is very easy to maintain. The best part is that you can decorate your exterior walls with different shapes and sizes.

Along these cladding materials porcelain, ceramic and glass type materials are commonly used. The cladding is important as it improves the life of the house along it create insulating effect thus keep the house cool during summers. Just like green roofing, the green cladding is also getting in trend. The eco-friendly siding walls are made of recycling material thus not only improve the life of the wall but also give a fascinating effect to the house.