Website Loading Speed and Mobile Friendliness is Key to Any Smart Business Web Design

Is it possible to win more visitors and bolster your revenue by enhancing the loading speed of your website? Or would it be fruitful enough to attract your potential customers through a mobile friendly design? Well, I guess both activities or phenomenon holds the key to increased business growth, sales and customers, as both plays a pivotal role in enhancing the real-time website statistics. A customer centric approach helps in solving the most complex problems and both – Loading Speed and Mobile Responsiveness are essential in generating the required online traffic.

Google is a big contributing factor in both these aspects of web designing as it takes into consideration – loading speed as well as mobile friendliness that hold the key to any dynamic web design and development. Going by a survey conducted by a private company house, nearly three fourth of users want a website to load in less than a couple of seconds and they tend to ‘walk-out’ or ‘drop-out’ from a website that it isn’t uploaded with 3-4 seconds.

Almost 80% of online shoppers who have trouble with eCommerce website performance say that they do not intend to return to the same website and buy products as they had a terrible online shopping experience due to a high page loading time. Therefore, when your website is in the conceptualization phase, try to spend some time with your web designers and tell them that you want a website with a “killer speed’ as that could well be the turning point and game changer for your online business.

There are quite a few page loading speed checker tools and software available that provide you the most accurate information and statistics regarding your page speed and those are the key indices and metrics that goes on to evaluate any website. Evaluation is done upon metrics such as server response time, visible content, JavaScript and CSS that all play a crucial role.

Similarly, a mobile friendly web design too is a priority for every web owner who wants to reach out to the maximum number of customers by providing a satisfying browsing experience on any and every mobile device. A web design that is compatible on varying screen size and screen resolution is certainly a cutting-edge design as more and more mobile internet users are joining the ivy league of web surfers on mobile device every passing day. It is keeping in mind these users; companies are now opting for mobile responsive and mobile friendly designs for their website to generate more visitor traffic, customers and revenue. Almost 35% of traffic comes from mobile devices and therefore making your website mobile responsive is certainly worth the effort.

By the term ‘Responsive’, it means that the URL, HTML, images remains the same while the CSS gives different rules and commands based on browser width. The page uses the same URL and same code irrespective of whether the user is on the desktop, laptop or mobile. Here it needs to be understood that a responsive website adjusts to various screen sizes and resolutions by using the same URL and code. The content of a mobile version of a web page should be identical to the content on a desktop as this is what is meant by responsive and dynamic websites. One can also run speed tests to identify the elements that take time to load. The basic idea behind any mobile website optimization is to make it easy for your customers and it is web design companies in India like who are well equipped to produce some dynamic designs on the best of mobile platforms.