Webinar Jam – the Complete Marketing Tool

You can be the one who is searching for a webinar platform in the market. The best platform is called webinar studio and it is also known as webinar jam. In this article, we are going to present you complete webinar jam review. Most of you have been using it for more than two years. The best thing about webinar jam is that it combines five most amazing software so it is possible to build your own webinar. When you will focus on one software you will also learn about other four.

5 Software that Webinar Jam Use

The five different software that is being used by webinar jam are

  • The Email auto responder
  • The landing page software
  • Analytic tool
  • Live platform for webinar delivery
  • The webinar reply room

Some Exciting Features of the Webinar Jam Registration Page

  • It has dynamic timers. It just counts the date and time when you are being configured. The purpose is just to create an environment of urgency and with it, all registrants will come to know how long they have to wait for the next availability of webinar.
  • It has a dynamic time zone. It will help the registrants from all over the world to know when a webinar will start according to their time zone.
  • It will also give conversion percentages for landing pages.
  • Every registration page has a link if you want to promote your webinar. All the affiliations receive 40% of the annual subscription fee.
  • With webinar jam, you can also use your own landing page software.

Get Instant Email Notifications

With webinar jam, you can get more than a notification. In fact, it has a built-in notification system. All the webinar registrants will just get a breeze with this communication type. According to your needs and situations, you can create the unlimited number of notification.

The Follow-up Sequence with Webinar Jam

It is also an amazing feature because you can send follow-ups to all the prospects that are in your sales funnel and are in different places. It will increase the chances that the prospects will become your potential customers. With webinar jam, you can also segment your email in a number of ways. For example the attendants of your webinar, the registrants who do not attends your webinar, and the one that attend the webinar but does not order any specific product.