The vote for Devos is up today:

The Hovering News:

You must have gone through the news in the recent past. News about election victory of Donald Trump, his selection of cabinet members, his inauguration ceremony and lot has been going on since. One such news that has gone through our eyes is the vote for Devos is up today. Yes you have guessed it right. This was about the appointment of Betsy Devos as the Education secretary.

Who is she?

Known as Elizabeth Betsy Devos, she was the number one choice of President Donald trump for the educational sector. It was on the 7th of February that this candidate was appointed to the position after the voting of the Senate members. After this vote, the lady would be leading the functions and activities of the educational department.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Betsy Devos will be responsible for development and implementation of a State policy for education, inculcating prohibition of discriminatory policies and making sure that every American citizen has educational right with equality. These are the three main points from the mission statement of the depart ment of education in United States.

Speculations about her selection:

Betsy Devos is almost 59 years old. She was born and bred in the Michigan State. She has a very old political career. She has been part of the republicans since she was 20 years old. But up until now she was not elected for any government appointment. She does not have any related educational qualification neither has been part of any professional educational institute. For the same reason, most analysts are providing speculations about her success and effectiveness in the department. She has however, been a part of the advocacy for the school vouchers program in the US and the project of privatization of educational institutes.

Bottom line:

According to the news about the vote for Devos is up today, further added about her own financial status as a millionaire. It argued about her unsuitable appointment for this position. Being a rich republican who has stood for the betterment of private schools and institutions, working for hundreds and thousands of public schools could be a great challenge. In fact in the longer run it may even create certain conflicts of interests. So if you are interesting in finding out more about Betsy Devos, you can search the internet for more up to date and detailed facts and figures.