Vietnam – a Great trekking destination:

Vietnam is a small but beautiful country located in the East Asian region. It is mostly remembered as a war country that challenged the US and had a prolonged history of war afterward. You must have seen Vietnam War reenactments in many international Hollywood movies. However, many people are not aware that Vietnam is a great place to visit for tourism and vacations. Once torn by the war, the country has come a long way since. It now regarded as a great tourist destination of Asia.

The growth of Tourism in the region:

According to International statistics, Vietnam has had an influx of tourists from all parts of the world. In a single year, there have been approximately 6.5 million visitors to this place. In fact, tourism has now become one of the greatest contributors to the country’s economic growth and GDP. For the same reason, the Vietnamese government is also working on various measures and projects to promote international tourism from all parts of the world.

Lots to do in the country:

Vietnam is a great country with a variety of terrains and landscapes to see and visit. It is a naturally beautiful place with some of the most serene and peaceful locations in the entire region. It has a mix of mountains, forests, caves, heritage sites, museums and parks to visit. Many people suggest that the best way to explore the beauty of its coastal regions is through cruising around in a boat or ship. One of its most famous groups of islands located in the northern region is Ha Long Bay. It is famous for its limestone Karsts caves and heritage sites.

Trekking and hiking are best:

Looking at the natural beauty of the great outdoors of Vietnam and especially the Ha Long bay, many people prefer to do trekking in the area. Hiking and trekking trips and tours are arranged by a name of travel agents and companies in the region. You can get information about your options by searching the internet. It is best to get information from their website and compare your options wisely. You can see more Sapa Trekking tours on the internet and guide books.

It is best to keep in mind the following tips:

• Get prior information about the tour
• Compare the rates and services of various tour operators
• Look at customer reviews and feedback
• Always make advance bookings
• Always go for travel insurance for emergency situations.