How using URL shortener can help you better spread your brand’s story on social media?

A URL shortener is a basic short version of a web address. It creates a long web page address to a short one. It can be easy to remember and can be used instead. It is a technique of web page shortener in which a long URL is converted into short form but still direct to the same page that it has been linked to. It contains a redirected name that is shorter than the original one. One of the main advantages of web page shortener is that it is user-friendly and it makes it easier for a person to remember. URL shortener or web address shortener is a very useful feature to easily spread information of a brand in short form rather displaying the whole information in long contents that are time-consuming and creates a loss of attraction and customer attention.


A capsulink is a URL shortener service that contains built in technology for making short links. It is designed to capsulate a long URL link into short forms and capsules. These are powerful marketing tools for reference purpose that contains features of web analysis and editing.

Features of URL shortener

  1. Manageable links

Long web addresses create a mess of being too difficult to get remembered. Most of the SEO (search engine optimization) does not support long URL links. Google and most of the other search engines only consider key words in the URL. Most of the time URLs for content description are lengthy and difficult to shares on emails and other social media for reference purposes. So that URL shortener or capsules work to make long URL links more manageable.

  1. Tracking and compiling

Capsulinks provide a proper platform for fast and easy tracking of valuable information. These URL shorteners work to compile heavy website data into short links. So that audience can easily access a web page and find the material according to their need easily.

  1. Filtering social media content

URL shortener works as to filter heavy loaded information into short form from social media links. These capsules work to aggregates the messy long information which can sometimes lead to useful mashups and innovations of the useful information.

  1. Provision of useful features

A URL shortener provides useful and informative features to the users when they follow different links for their use. These capsules work to improves ones’ browsing experience.

  1. Less space

URL shorteners help to fit more links and contents in less space. It is more useful for the mobile smartphones. It is very easy to write a text in short URL form instead typing long and time-consuming messages and texts

  1. Avoids loss of traffic

A capsule makes the entire content publish in edited and short form. However, it does not miss any single useful information that is necessary for the knowledge. Capsules can be edited at any time without losing any traffic.