Types of Farmland Fences:

Fencing is a very important aspect of farming. Without a fence a farm remains incomplete. If there are no specific boundaries and territories of the farmland, there cannot be any segregation or demarcation from neighboring regions. It is an essential part of all types of farming activities and operations.

There are different types of fencing that is used in the farming industry. Large variety of options is available to the farmers for their fencing needs. Below are some of these most popular options:

  • Wooden fences:

Wood is the most widely used form of fencing in the world. It has been the most primitive material that farmers used to make fences around their houses and farmland. It is cheap and affordable as well because in most of the instances it is utilized from the farm itself. Chopping off unwanted trees and wood allows the farmers to get raw materials from their own land. In most cases the shaping up and making of the fence is also done by the farmers themselves. So a lot of money is saved. It is considered to be a natural and long lasting material for fencing. However it is important to treat the wood with some kind of lubrication or coating to protect it from adverse effects of the weather and environment.

  • Barbed Fences:

Also known as the wire fencing, this is a more recent form of fences. It is made from hard metallic wire with barbed edges to protect any one from coming near fence. It cannot be prepared in the farms and has to be purchased from the outside market. Installation is also not that easy and requires specialized professional skills and workers. Anyone using this form of fencing requires wearing appropriate equipment with it. Most farmers only use this type of fencing for the outer parameters as it can be harmful for the cattle and livestock.

  • The net fencing:

This is also made from wire and is woven in the form of a net. It is ideally used to make pens and cages for the birds and livestock which are difficult to contain in any other form of fencing. Rolls of wire nets are available in the market. You can purchase according to your needs. However, this is a much more expensive and costly method of protection than the other two fences.

These were the mostly commonly used forms of fencing in the farmlands across the world. For further information you can visit atavist.com.