Types of acne: Which one do you have?

Acne is a common problem with the teenagers and adults. There are a lot of people that have it on their face or other parts of their body. If you have it or ever had it in your life, you might be aware of how itchy and irritating it is. Moreover, facial acne also does harm to the appearance of a person. So, if you have it, you will be looking to get rid of it. For those of you that want to overthrow this issue, there are clinics for acne treatment Harley Street that will let you achieve what you desire.  But before that, you may wish to identify what type of acne you have and here we are aiding you in doing so.


As the name suggests, Whitehead is a type of pimple that is white in appearance. A tiny blemish on your body with a white head can best describe it. It is as a result of clogged pores as the sebum gets mixed with dead skin cells to cause it. In case that you do not know what a sebum is, it is natural oil in your skin.


Opposite of white is black and if you have anything such as a small blemish but with a black head, you can say that you have the type of acne known as blackheads. Whitehead is open, but the black head is closed. When the debris present in your acne becomes oxidized, it appears to be black. So, you have blackheads. Scientifically, these are known as comedones. If it is single, then it is a comedo, and if there are many, then these are comedones.


When you have whiteheads, there is sebum and dead skin cells. With the time, bacteria starts acting on it and causes inflammation and irritation. So, it becomes a papule. It is red in its appearance and is dry. Drying it more won’t help you so stay calm and let the medications do the rest.


As the name sound similar to papules, the appearance is also same. It is also due to the same reason, but in such blemishes, you have pus! Papules do not have any sort of fluid or pus in them. However, pustules come with yellowish-looking fluid that you may know as pus and squeezing them may leave a post-breakout scar on your skin. Thus, think twice before you break them!

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