Why Do Tourists Like To Visit London?

Tourist likes to visit the London because it has many attractive and beautiful places in it.If you want to see the beauty of world then London must be your priority because if you see the London then you see the beauty of the whole world. It has many places in it and you must see each one of them one by one.

Places To See In London

There are some places in London which tourists like to visit. Some of the places are under as:

·        Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a site which is visited by millions of tourist because of its beauty and importance. It is a church in London which is ranked as number one place in the London because it is a place full of art. If you visit London then you must see this art.

·        Buckingham Palace

As the name suggests, it is a palace in London which is then official residence of British in old times but now it is one of the most popular places in the whole country. You must visit this place in between August and September because during these months all of the rooms of the palace are open to the public and you can easily visit the whole palace without having any problem.

·        Tower Of London

Tower of London is also a very famous place in London. In the past, this place is used as aprison for prisoners of the London but originally this place is built around 1100. It is used as a fort but later it is transformed in the tower. Now, this place becomes a visiting place for the tourists and people from all over the world likes to see this place. It has some jewels in it and also contains the second largest diamond in the world.

So, if you are a tourist then London is one of the best countries which you must see. It has some places in it due to which every tourist attracts towards vlondoncity. You can see all of these places on the internet and after confirming the beauty, you must visit all of these places personally. London is visited by millions of people every day and all of them likes to visit the London for the rest of their life. It only happens because of the beauty of London.