Top 6 Natural Remedies to get rid of sebaceous

Do you suffer from oily skin? If your answer is yes, then you know exactly how much this sucks. As if that’s not bad enough, you got these weird, dark, tiny pores on your face: the all-annoying sebaceous filaments. They just sit there, screaming for attention from all human beings in existence. They’re not pimples, they’re not blackheads and no one ever talks about them on TV commercials. So, with such limited info out there, how the hell do you get rid of them?

Well, count your lucky stars and lend me your attention, my friend. For I have an arsenal of all-natural options for our current predicament. But, before I endow you with these cool new weapons, let’s understand our foe first. What are these things, anyway? In simple terms, they are a combination of oily material (sebum) and dead cells that collect around hair follicles. These treat sebaceous filaments help direct the sebum (meant to protect your skin) from its gland to the skin surface. They are usually more visible on the nose or chin.

Now, with all the technicalities out of the way, let’s get nibbling at the cream of this juicy article: the divine 6 treatments for this apparently normal (yet annoying, nonetheless) condition.

Homemade Exfoliants

If you’re a firm believer of home-made remedies, then this concoction is for you. All you need is equal amounts of the following ingredients.

  • Apricot skin
  • Walnut skin
  • Lemon peel
  • Pineapple peel
  • Papaya

Just is to blend them into a nice thick paste and apply in the area of concern. Keep it on for some time and rub on once it dries up. This will give your face an amazing glow, making you look fresh and vibrant. It has all the active stuff you need to get rid of dead cells and unclog those pores where the problem lies.

Clay Masks

This helps control the situation by keeping those skin pores nice and clean while clearing out all dirt and sebum that accumulates in there. “How?” you ask? Well, the clay is great for absorbing all the oil from your skin. Just use this once a week and soon all your friends will be dying to know the secret behind your amazing, vibrant facial skin. Just make sure to use the following kinds of clay

  • Multni mitti
  • Bentonite
  • French Green

The Charcoal Mask

This works pretty much the same as the clay mask we talked about earlier. Not only will it exfoliate your skin, it will also get rid of excess oil and dirt that accumulates on your face. You can also say goodbye to acne if you keep using this regularly. Experts suggest using it once a week depending on how oily your skin is.

Baking Soda

Now, we all know that baking soda does so much more than just bake. And, today, I am about to show you just one more use that will save you tons of cash: skin exfoliation. Make a mask out of this baby and bid farewell to this maddening problem for good. And, thanks to its high pH, it neutralizes acidity on your skin making it produce less oil. Just mix the soda with some water and make a paste out of it. Let it dry on your face for three hours and wash off with some lukewarm water.

Dial Down on Fatty Foods


The more fat you take in, the more oily your skin will get. So, you obviously need to minimize intake. I’m not saying you cut off the fats completely, though. Especially since you do need a certain amount of lipids in your body so you can function properly. So, I suggest you stick to healthy fats that will be good for your body and restore your natural vitality. Sources of such fats include

  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Seeds
  • Greens

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you take enough water every day. They say you should take 2 liters a day for a reason, you know. Being properly hydrated equals having hydrated skin. Hydrated skin equals supple, less constricted skin. And the thing about skin when it’s less constricted is that it is least likely to retain dirt and other impurities in it.

So, there you are. The 6 easy tips, with a touch of Mother Nature’s finest, for that bothersome sebaceous filament issue that keeps you down whenever you’re out in public. So get cracking with it today, my good friend. Because I know I am. And I’m definitely enjoying the sweet fruits that come with the effort.


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