Tips for RuneScape!

RuneScape was launched in 1998 by the company Jagex, and became one of the most famous MMORPG games (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in the world. Everything takes place in a universe called Guilenor, which is divided into kingdoms, regions, cities and small towns. Players are always challenged with so-called quests, which are nothing more than missions and adventures to be lived within that new world. In the scenarios, your avatar (which can be customized) will encounter creatures, monsters and other players (which you can fight against if it is within your objective), in addition to obtaining items and resources along your path.

Although the game has its plot, there is no story to be followed, which does not oblige the player to make a specific sequence of his journey. There are so-called skills within the game, which define the experience you have in your available skills (which are 25 in total). These skills can be improved, accumulating more experience, which, obviously, will make you a better player. You are allowed to have contact with other players online through chats or small corporate games within the world of RuneScape. You can also buy Runescape gold to improve your game experience.

As in all MMORPGs, there are different ways in which developers can profit to continue creating new content and keep the games renewed. Old School Runescape also has ways to finance itself and that is through memberships. These memberships are called Old School Bond and can be purchased for real money or game money. This method is very beneficial for players, as these bonds can be traded and exchanged for gold or in-game items.

On the official website, the Bond Old Schools have a duration of 14 days and the costs vary in different packages. If you buy an individual Bond with real money we will have to pay $ 6.99. The 3, 5, and 10 Bonds bundles cost $ 20.99, $ 34.99, and $ 60.99 respectively. Currently with the game money the Bond have an approximate cost of 6M. Paying for a Bond with real money can often be seen as an unnecessary expense, but it is actually a very effective way to advance your progress in the game. Because after having acquired a Bond you can get very effective methods to get OSRS gold and buy another Bond.

Player view in RuneScape

New players will be assigned to an isolated region, where they go through a story where they learn about the skills needed to start running the game well! One of the most important things is the level of combat combined with your skill experience, as this will define almost entirely your invincibility in the game. There is a lot of medieval influence in RuneScape, so most of the weapons you can have are medieval. The other part covers something more fictional and fanciful. If you are interested, we will send you some tips to dominate animals and have them as pets, so that you can improve your play!

Dog – requires level 4 Summoning and 500GP, and you can feed it raw beef. It costs 500GP, and you will find one in Taverley. Go to the pet store and talk to the NPC.

Gecko – requires level 10 Summoning, Box Trap and 27 Hunting. You will find them at the Altar of Nature. Just place the Box Trap on the floor and wait for them to enter.

Penguin – requires level 30 Summoning. You will have to feed them sardines and salmon. Next to the penguin cage at the Ardougne Zoo, talk to the trainer. He will give you a penguin egg, and you will take him to Yanille’s pet store. Place the egg in the incubator and wait for your penguin to hatch.

Squirrel – requires level 60 Summoning, 29 Hunting, rope, fishing net and nuts. Go over Falador, and click on a stick that will be standing. A trap will be set, and after being ready, I put a nut and wait for the squirrel.

Dragons – requires level 99 Summoning. It is fed with raw beef. To get yours, you’ll need to choose the dragon you want and kill it. That done, take the egg that will appear and place it in the incubator. After a while, you will have your dragon.

If you’re starting out, take it easy. Try to collect as many coins as possible and increase your skills before venturing into more dangerous places, as the creatures of Guilenor tie the weakest players. Always have a weapon and armor in hand, equivalent to your level. Avoid changing classes, as this spends coins, and try to use as much of the Combat Triangle as possible, as it can make a difference in duels. The Triangle is used to measure specific forces, for example, if you are a wizard, you will fight better against knights, but it is damaged against archers. Now, it’s playing and evolving to be a great player! Good game!