Things you Should Know about Editors

There are many writers that send their script to the editors before sending them out in the world. So they work with many editing services just to make their work tighter and perfect. This will make their work more engaging and salable.  Before you are going to choose an editor the thing that you have to consider in your mind is that what kinds of help you exactly want from them. You have to consider their voice, feedback, style, and pricing. The editor will fix your grammar mistakes, punctuation, choice of words, and continuity issues. So hiring a freelancer editor is a significant investment and you have to make it carefully. So in this article, we are discussing some things that you should know about editors. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Don’t Send your First Draft to Editors

You have completes your book and you are happy about it and you want to celebrate. But make sure you don’t have to send your first draft to an editor for editing. Keep it to you for at least three weeks. Read it again and again. Make changes, point out strengths and weakness, and correct the spelling mistakes you find in it. Carefully think what is missing in it and if possible retype it once. So never bring your book to the editor before you think that you have done your best to make it perfect. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Never Consider an Editor a Ghostwriter

There are many editors that do non-fiction editing and it is a reality that they will not do more research for your book. So a fiction editor is not going to write dialogues for you and he will not complete the missing lines and scenes for you. So if you are thinking that your editor is a ghostwriter then you will surely be disappointed.

Prepare yourself for Direction, Feedback, and Criticism

The feedback you will get from the editor is not going to hurt you. It is a fact that he will see your document with new eyes. So he will provide you suggestions to make the dialogue more powerful and he will address all the weaknesses. This is something very perfect as you don’t want to change a few commas and to send it for publishing.

In reality, revisions take time and never think that the editor that is tinkering your work is revising it.