The Super Exciting Dinner Cruise In Dubai Marina

Taking your spouse or you partner out for a dinner date is something that has been always special and romantic. You always wish to take your special one to a special place to make him or her feel about your feelings. Are you also looking for such a place that can make your moments extremely special?

Well, if you are somewhere in Dubai, one of the best places where you can go for such a lovely date is the dinner cruise. Surprised what is it all about? Well, many of the people out there in Dubai also call it to be a floating restaurant.

So, whether you call it a dinner cruise or the floating restaurant, the main concept is that it is actually going to make your moments super special.

Why Dubai Marina?

Dubai is surrounded by the water bodies but the dinner cruise is most famous in Dubai Marina. What is so special about it? What is Dubai Marina all about?

The Dubai Marina has a manmade canal that has its connections to the JBL beach. The canal passes in between of the city in such a way that when a cruise passes through the canal, you will be able to check out the city lights and other attractions of the city.

It is mainly a residential district that is newly made and has been known among the people due to its modern and high-tech lifestyle. From smart cafes to super malls, there are so many things that you can get out here. It can be also said that it is the new attraction in the location. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, this is one such place that you should surely have a trip of.

For options such as dinner cruise also, this is absolutely the right place. You can get a feeling that though you are away from the city life yet you can have a view of the city from your cruise.

The Concept Of Dinner Cruise In Dubai

Have you ever imagined from where the concept of dinner cruise in Dubai Marina come did suddenly up?  The Gulf countries traded maximum of the times through sea routes. For this, in ancient times, they used to create dhows that were made of timber and coconut ropes. These were huge ships that used to take a huge number of days to get completed.

Soon, as time progressed, people started using many other materials along with timber to make the dhows in a much convenient manner than before. Also, now the huge size of the dhows was also shrunk down to smaller ones. It is not that the huge ones did not exist. They did but also the smaller ones came up for better and easy modes.

The same concept has inspired the dinner cruises currently serving the people of Dubai and the tourists in Dubai. This is the reason these cruises are also known as dhow cruise at times. These are not the huge ones but they are made up in the same concept and offer transfer of the passengers from one place to another or also at times a trip of both up and down the canal.

What Special Is There In The Dinner Cruise?

Many of the people may thing that it is only the dinner on a floating restaurant that is special about the dinner cruise. But in actual sense, you can have an experience of a life time when you visit the dinner cruise once.

As mentioned before, it is a dinner on a floating restaurant. So, you can experience of the best moment of having dinner with your special one on such a restaurant. The dinner is spread out in the buffet style and has a number of international cuisine options so that you can have food items that you are aware of. Some of the cuisines that you can come across here are India, Chinese, Italian, American, local, and so on.

Apart from the various cuisines that are laid on the buffer counter, you can also check out that there are different options available for both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian people.

Not just the main course, the starters and the dessert sections are equally mouth watering. If you have a sweet tooth, you will surely enjoy the wide dessert section where you can avail different fruit salads, pastries, brownie, English cakes, and so on.

Do you think it is only about the food out here? No, the food is accompanied by some live entertainment so that you can enjoy your dinner with your group or your special one in the best way. The dinner cruise in Dubai Marina offers you an amazing evening with such international style dinner and also live performances such as that of vocalists and dancers.

All that you can say is the trip of 4 hours is going to be a dream sequence where you find yourself floating on a vessel over the water and enjoying the evening with some great food, drinks, and entertainment.

The Booking Options

Are you thinking now how to get the bookings done? It is quite simple in fact. If you are a tourist here and have got your booking for your accommodation and the trip done from a travel agent, you can ask the person to get your bookings done for the dinner cruise too.

If not, you can easily get your own booking done. You can look out for the best diner cruise option such as the Alexandra Dhow Cruise and visit their website for the bookings and knowing various other details. The charges are different for the adults and for the kids. You will come across various details such as the boarding time, the cruise time, the menu, the performance list, the charges, and many more, based on which you can get your bookings done.

You can either get the booking done directly by registering yourself on the site or you can also contact the individuals whose name and numbers are provided on the site.

Apart from the individual booking, there are also a number of people who wish to celebrate an event or something on the cruise. In this case, you can also get a private cruise such as a yatch or something for 4-6 people. These services do have separate charges and are not counted per person wise. These details are also mentioned on the site and hence you can fetch the information and can get the bookings done.


The Dhow cruise has always attracted a wide number of people to Dubai to experience something that is worth remembering and cherishing. If you are in love with food and wish to experience the culture of Dubai, you should surely have a trip of the Dhow cruise. Whether you wish to make someone else’s evening special or you wish to celebrate special moment, the dinner cruises are the best options that you can have in hand.

What you need to do? You just need to visit the website of the Dhow cruise and check out the various details such as the timings, the type of options they have, the menu, the performances, and so on and then get the bookings done for your evening. What can be any more mesmerizing than enjoying some of the most amazing international cuisines under the star light and enjoying the city activities from a distance? If you are someone who always wanted to be a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, this is a great opportunity of about 4-5 hours to experience such a moment. So, if you are making a plan for a trip to Dubai, along with other various things, do not forget to add up this amazing experience of the dinner cruise in your to do list.