Tactical Handgun Shooting

Tactical handgun shooting is actually a technique to implement for achieving the target and reach the level. It is decided the action for using available tools to accomplish the goal. In order to understand the handgun shooting, we need to figure out its basic fundamentals. If the shooter is drop out any of the fundamental its will completely affect his target. Many people don’t like to shoot with handguns because it missed targets which are really disappointing for them. Every human has different size, shape and stamina. This activity is for everyone but with the practice to learn each and every aspect of shooting the handgun with vigilance elite.

Following are basic fundamentals:

These fundamentals help you to teach in an easy way.

1). Position:

The position is more important for a shooter. Perfect position and angle to use for shooting the target are important to learn. The isosceles triangle is having equal length of two objects. Shooter arm must be locked to toward body. Both of the arms are in the same position to hold the gun.

  • Face toward target and arms in the same position slightly bent.
  • Feet on the shoulder with apart and leg slightly bent.
  • Leaning bit forward.
  • Not stand in straight position recoil might hit you.
  • One of the knees slightly bent.

2). Grip:

Stance and grip must be the same if it is different you hardly focus while training. It is possible when you try in different positions you will be hit by different recoils.

  • Keep your eyes on target and focus.
  • Place v of your hand between thumb and index finger.
  • Wrap fingers around the trigger.
  • Keep index finger along the trigger and slightly off the trigger.

3).  Presentation.

The shooter must be in a close guard position.

4) Sight alignment:

It means front size evenly erect in the front and balance at top of near sight.

5) Sight picture:

Picture or target of the front side should be clear and easy to target.not use dots while using this site.

6). Breathing:

You need to breathe while shooting doesn’t hold back your breath. If you do this you lose your target and miss the shot. Easily to lose your focus while holding breath.your skills will be diminished and you lose your control and focus.

7). Trigger control:

The placement on a trigger is important moreover, to press at the right moment.


  • Watch at your target until you press the trigger.
  • After shooting reestablish the sight in a case to need another shot.
  • Figure out surrounding to shot another target.


These all fundamentals must be followed to focus and shot your target. This activity is interesting and keeps you alert and attentive.