Penguin CBD Scholarship:

Deadline: December 31, 2020


Our team at Penguin CBD believes everyone should live a natural and healthy lifestyle. We want to pioneer a new generation of people living a preventative health care lifestyle. We plan on achieving this through the science, innovation and premium supplementation we’re creating at Penguin CBD. We are obsessed with helping people feel great, look great and perform at their highest level.

To help invest in the future where this is possible, we have created the Penguin CBD Scholarship.

Amount: $1,500

Renewable/one-time: One-time

Contact: [email protected]

Green Wellness Life Annual Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship

A Health & Wellness Scholarship Worth Applying To

If improving your health and wellness is something you’re passionate about, then you may be interested in the annual $1,000 scholarship offered by Green Wellness Life. The Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship is centered around CBD and CBD oil, which is currently a polarizing topic. Even though CBD was legitimized with the 2018 Farm Bill, it still continues to get a bad rep. Many still don’t understand the difference between CBD and THC and many individuals who use CBD products get labeled as “stoners” or “druggies”. In some cases, individuals have been fired from jobs for using CBD products.

Green Wellness Life is looking to change the perception of CBD oil with help from students. The company is seeking students who believe in CBD and the benefits it can provide to share their experiences or their message advocating for CBD. Submissions can be in any media format. The scholarship recipient will receive a $1,000 check made payable to their school. Scholarship submissions should be sent to [email protected]. Submissions are due by August 31st of each year. You can learn more about the scholarship on Green Wellness Life’s scholarship page.

Apply For The Cooking Up Joy Annual Scholarship

This brand new annual scholarship from Budget Branders is one you don’t want to miss out on. Not only could you earn $1,000 towards your education, but you’ll have a lot of fun creating your submission. Budget Branders was founded by a former food service establishment owner with a love for food. If Budget Branders wasn’t passionate about food, they wouldn’t be around. The company is looking to share that passion with students across the country. The Cooking Up Joy scholarship was created to help students build their own relationship with cooking and food.

To apply for the scholarship, students simply have to cook a meal, take a photo of the meal they cook, and provide an explanation on why they cooked the meal they did. Submissions will be judged based on plate presentation and the perceived effort put into the explanation. The scholarship is open to all majors. While you may have a leg up on the competition if you’re a culinary student, you do not have to be a culinary student to apply. Submissions are due by August 31st of each year. You can send your materials to [email protected].

Fintech Industrial Abrasives Passion For Making Scholarship

Calling All Makers – This Scholarship Is For You

Fintech Industrial Abrasives produces premium-quality abrasives for some of the largest manufacturers around the globe. These manufacturers make a range of products from furniture to boats and cars. Fintech currently powers industrial makers worldwide, but the Passion For Making Scholarship was designed to fuel and celebrate the amateur makers. Fintech is looking for students who make things to show the company what their passions are and what they make. Do you make jewelry or your own furniture in your free time?  Do you paint or draw or produce animations? Students can send things that they’ve made in any media format from a written paper to a video or photo. The scholarship recipient will receive $500 made payable to his/her school.

There is no major requirement. If you make things in your free time and it is not related to your major, you are still welcome to apply. Submissions should be sent to [email protected] by August 15th of each year. You can view last year’s winner on the scholarship page to get a feel for what others have submitted in the past. The team at Fintech Industrial Abrasives is looking forward to receiving your submission and learning more about your passion.

Red Label Abrasives Perfecting The Craft Scholarship

Rewarding Those In The Pursuit Of Subject Matter Mastery

Red Label Abrasives has been helping professional and hobby makers perfect their craft for over 35 years. Red Label’s Annual Perfecting The Craft Scholarship was created to help students continue working to perfect their own crafts. The scholarship is a $500 scholarship that is offered on an annual basis with one recipient awarded each year. The team at Red Label is looking for passionate and driven students to share their craft and how they’re working to perfect it. There are no limitations on the types of craft submitted. Regardless of whether you’re working to perfect your woodworking skills or your financial analysis skills, all submissions will be judged equally.

Students can share their crafts through photo, video, written word, recorded voice, etc. Red Label will accept submissions in any media format. However, the submissions must include some explanation on how the student is working to perfect their craft. Students can apply for the scholarship by submitting all details to [email protected]. Submissions are due by August 15th of each year. If your submission is delivered after the deadline, it will be considered for the following year.