Why regular aircon servicing is important?

Air conditioning is one of the basic requirement and necessity nowadays. Homeowners usually believe that aircons once installed does not require any maintain steps. But, in order to avail the pleasant environment facility through air conditioning, it is necessary that air conditioners are maintained and serviced within the respective time and interval. The services provided by different aircon servicing Singapore includes the following;

  • Installation of new aircons
  • Repairing of already installed aircons
  • Maintenance of aircon at regular intervals
  • Simple cleaning of the aircons installed
  • Chemical cleaning of the aircons
  • Gas top up in the installed aircons.

The services provided by the servicing companies must be at flexible times according to the requirement of the customers. The services are usually provided by the trained and professional technicians that serve their sole purpose in benefiting the customers.

Importance of aircon servicing:

Aircon servicing is beneficial to the people in one or the other way which are as follows;

  • Improvement in efficiency: a regular aircon reduces its efficiency by 5 percent every year as stated according to different studies. If care is not taken with time, the decrease in the efficiency of the aircons increases gradually. This leads to a large amount of expense on the units in repairing or even may lead to the need of changing the unit.

Airconservicing is therefore necessary to increase the efficiency of the the installed air conditioners.

  • Reduction in the energy bills: Regular repair and maintenance of the aircons serve to reduce the cost of energy bills at a drastic level. It is well known that the newer aircons or the aircons at a better state usually works more efficiently and therefore will require lesser energy. A reduced amount of energy is spent on converting the warm air into cold air. However on the other hand, aircons that are in poor condition also need much energy for the conversion of hot air into cold air and ultimately results in a large amount of energy; typically electricity bills.
  • Cleaner air: By regularly servicing the aircons, pleasant and clean air can be enjoyed in the household. As mentioned before, services provided by the aircon servicing franchises also includes cleaning of the aircon which may be simple or chemical cleaning. This reduces the dust and particle count in the environment and serves to bring about a healthier atmosphere of the house.