Quick Look at 9 Pocket Friendly Gifts for Your Loved Ones

There are way too many festivals and occasions in our lives and you may feel a little hole in your pocket. I would love to discuss some of the cheapest gift option with you all. These gifts are meaningful, thoughtful, and useful and the most important thing, they won’t make your wallets empty.

  1. Carafes: For the sultry summers, you can get some cool carafes for your friends and relatives. The bottom of the bottle can be twisted to add the fresh fruits to flavor the water. Get some colorful bottles for making this thoughtful gift. 
  2. Floral or Designer Shoe Clips: Instead of getting the fancy or expensive shoes, you can always go for the cheaper show clips and add a grandeur to her outfit. These floral design of shoe clip would be really a precious gift that you would get in meager amount. Any normal or glamour less show would be enlivened with this gift. Get this gift delivery in Dubai for that cousin sister who is a fashionista! 
  3. Junk Bracelet: In any local shop, you get these very colorful or junk bracelets that would be simply loved by your loved ones. Sister, girlfriend, best friend, or your daughter can match that up with a jeans and a flowing top or casual gowns. It’s interesting isn’t it how well you can add style to your normal attire! 
  4. Colorful Chocolates:When you are pretty much confused on what to get for the next event in the pipeline, you can always resort to chocolates. Just a box of colorful chocolates would mean a lot to your 
  5. Paper Pot: To jazz up the room keep this paper pot inside which you can keep the tissue papers. Otherwise keeping tissue papers in its original packaging looks very boring. SO, just add some colors in your room with a colorful paper pot. 
  6. Salt N Pepper Set: Many colorful sets of salt and pepper pots are available these days belonging to various shapes like birds, cats, or dogs. These are really cute things to be gifted to loved ones on any kind of occasions and comes at an affordable rate. 
  7. Hand-made Biscuits or Chocolates: Any day the handmade biscuits or chocolates are cheaper than the ones available in shops. You need simple things like flour, sugar, flavors, spices, milk, honey, etc. that are easily available at home. Prepare the amazing chocolates or biscuits and just gift wrap with nice and colorful paper and ribbon. A beautiful gift is thus ready to boost up the festival spirit. 
  8. Vases: Yes, this is one of the simplest and cheapest gifts that you can get for your friends and relatives. There are many people who gets flower bouquets as a gift but you also need a vase to hold them – right? Get a bright color of vase or a printed ceramic one as gifts to Dubai for adding oodles of cheerfulness to your loved ones life. 
  9. Book: Considering the fact the gift receiver is a book worm or enjoys the song of words created by books, you must go ahead with this option. On occasions like New Year or birthday or anniversary, pack a latest release and add to his/her collection.