Prison Consulting Service

Prison can be an experience tormenting people who have broken the law at any time in life and at any level. While being in prison, isolation, being one of the bad guys in the community, being stigmatized are common emotions felt while prisoners serving sentences in federal or state prisons. But when delinquents are released from jail after fulfilling their due proportion, and the outside life can be more painful than what they spent in their cells. Unfortunately, the social and economic system in which we live, and orchestrated in such a way that once a person is guilty of any crime and served to his term, he becomes practically an outcast.

Just to give the reader a clear idea of what he has, a former prisoner to go through once he reaches his supposed freedom of the afternoon. He said you can not get a loan or a credit card. You are not eligible for any type of insurance, but for the employer. He often refused even small jobs in smaller commercial premises. He said he does not have the right to vote any more. He stopped to be entitled to public housing, student loans, or food stamps. It faces extremely difficult to apply for a license until the driver to multiple forms of identification, and often necessary, including utility bills, credit cards or leases. At the top of the whole society, unfortunately, makes the former prisoner, and outcasts. Although the former prisoner has already fulfilled his due part of the burden, but unfortunately some of those who command in the community to secure his past prevents him from frequenting. Ironically, in such gloomy circumstances, he left most of the former prisoners with no choice but to return to his circle of criminals, who are waiting with open arms and considered valuable reinforcements.

In order to make these cast individuals a useful part of our society once again, and prevent it from becoming fuel for the world of crime, it is absolutely essential that the specialized organizations that qualify have these inmates after their Liberation and help to enter the normal social current.

It began Louisiana, the state that has the highest rate of incarceration, the rehabilitation program for a few years started by prisoners who were about to be released and offered vocational training programs, which these prisoners taught common beneficial arrangements such as plumbing, Welding, carpentry and more. On the other hand, he also taught anger management and communication. This greatly aided the prisoners in reactivating their normal life after their release. On the other hand graphic of a state prison periods fell drastically in a few years.

Launching another similar attempt in Washington by the pioneers of humanitarian services provided by counseling and full assistance of former prisoners ranging from job training and job interview coaching packages, helping to get Oskinthm and vocational training , Even train them how to get a driver’s license and their right back votes. In addition, counselors work with clients for a period of 12 full months, so they ensured that they are the ex-prisoners under the assistance to stand on their feet.

As a prison consultant, and to help deal with unknown new prisoners and help them overcome the fear and anxiety of prison environments people convicted. Part of this responsibility is to let my clients know what they are likely to be challenged to face once they are released from prison.

The programs are designed to help newly released prisoners who focus on addressing underlying attitudes about crime and people work, making them more likely to succeed in obtaining and keeping jobs and are less likely to relapse . All former criminals do not have the same needs, and learning how to thoroughly evaluate these qualities and provide personalized help is an important element in helping people actually get out of the criminal justice system. And government agencies must also insist on greater presentation and better outcomes of their programs and community partners.