Mobile APP Advertising Trends

Trends to turn into mobile advertising started being popular hardly more than a decade ago and many businesses has shifted into the area. Like any other niche it has its own laws, logic and thing that companies should take into account. In some sense, understanding of business model work is like doing sport: you should be where a goal is expected to be and not where it was.

It may be difficult to keep track of all this mess, but in our today’s article we have gathered the most prominent tendencies and recommendations from marketing gurus.

Think about voice search

People spend their gadget almost all free time they have. While they are walking along the streets or driving their cars (unfortunately) they want to have freedom and get results quicker. Voice search makes free their hands and even offer ready-made solutions.

Data collection

The issue of security is in the groove, people are very attentive what data is collected. Companies shift from side data collecting and trying to get their own information, of course in terms of GDPR.

Video advertising will be deeply focused on “first impression”

Team from AdColony says that now advertisers have no longer than 8 seconds to excite the client. But it is not about paying user’s attention only, a person should recall it when comes back to the app.

Technologies changes the advertising world

Upcoming 5G technology will change the world of advertising significantly: ads in AR an in virtual environment may become true. People will also enjoy 3D and panoramic videos. Opportunities are expected to be breathtaking!

Using data from search requests

Google reports about history of searches is the best evidence to understand what people were searching. They often are in search of some broad notion, rather than a direct thing and companies will be paying more and more attention to such data and organize their strategies taking it into account.


Dreaming said that they lack it very much, the same as all other players from mobile advertising. It will be the best solution not only to check each display, but to know all the events after installation.

Actually, demand on transparency seems to be logical, as a lot of experts say that the market is going to be mature. Now advertisers better understand which goals in their KPI are realistic and achievable. it becomes possible to due to machine learning and use of correct data.

Struggling with fraud

Growth of programm environment has caused increasing of fraud from both advertisers and publishers. The market will be more equipped with tools improving brands’ security.

Final thoughts

We have collected opinions from different marketing companies globally located. As we all work in online space, no matter the distance, we all can share what it all is going to.

What trends have you mentioned?

7 Ways To Take Care of Yourself as a Drug Addict’s Caregiver

Being a caregiver for someone struggling with addiction is a noble deed. You get to spend your time putting their needs before yours and uplifting them during their dark times. However, for you to sustain your efforts, you need to care for yourself. Watching someone you love struggle, caring for them and staying positive is no small feat. Taking care of yourself will help you replenish your positive energy and become an effective caregiver. Here are a few ideas you can apply:

Understand that self-care does not make you self-centered

This point came first because many caregivers tend to feel that putting their needs first may come across as selfish. For you to adequately take care of yourself, you need to know that this misconception cannot be further from the truth. For you to have enough energy to care for someone else, you need to care for yourself first.


Exercise is not only important for your body but comes in handy for someone experiencing stress. You do not have to overexert yourself, a walk with a friend or favorite playlist can do you a lot of good. You can also try an indoor routine, like 10-minute yoga or body weight exercises. Moving your body triggers the release of feel-good endorphins and loosens you up.

Take time for a hobby

Now would be a good time to read that novel you’ve been putting off. Doing something you enjoy will lift your spirits and balance out the difficult times with some joy.

Get some rest

While sleep can be elusive while worrying about a sick person, you need to get at least eight hours of sleep a day. Sleep is essential for a healthy mental state and physical well-being. Whenever an opportunity comes along, a nap will replenish your energy and rest your mind.

Do not blame yourself

More often than not, parents, guardians and other family and friends believe that they had a part to play in the addict’s current position. Resist the urge to put yourself at fault; only they are fully responsible for their actions. Blaming yourself will hinder both you and the addict’s well-being and cause unnecessary tension.

Join a support group

There are many online and physical-meetings support groups that you can lean on for help. These groups will offer you counseling and an opportunity for other social interactions. Interacting with other caregivers will give you perspective and reassurance. Being a caregiver can be incredibly lonely, and a little help can make a significant difference.

Avoid enabling behavior

The hardest part about being a caregiver is trying to help them quit their behavior, and the resentment accompanying your efforts. However hard it is, you need to stop giving them money, making excuses for them and protecting them from the consequences of their actions. Watching them struggle is a more welcome fight than watching them slip away.


Recovery, however hard, is possible for addicts. Do not give up hope, and when their behavior becomes too erratic, and they become a danger to themselves and others, an addiction rehabilitation center near you can help them get their life back.

Drawbacks Using the Keto Diet Pills

Some people find shortcuts to reduce their body weight. Off adopting many different strategies, they use the keto pills. The use of different keto supplements is in trend these days. This is because people find it easy to take as they don’t have to compromise on their favorite food. Although the best keto diet pills show positive outcome along with these it has many drawbacks also. Some side effects or negative effects associated with taking these pills or starting a keto diet are

Create a problem with gut activity

When you cut the carbohydrates from your diet and use the pills that reduce fats from your body then it causes constipation. In the start, gut feels difficulty in bowel movement but after prolong use of the pills causes diarrhea. The metabolism gets irregular and you may have to face multiple situations at different times. Even some people start feeling nausea by use of these pills.


People who start using these pills along with a low carb diet have chances to become hypoglycemic. This is because the body does not find extra carbs to burn fats. The body does not have enough energy to perform multiple activities. When hypoglycemia reaches to adverse level the person may feel dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, and irritability. Some people also feel depression when they use these pills for a long time.

Reduced strength

Ultimately when the body has no factors for energy boosting then it automatically starts weakening. O carb no energy and person start feeling week. He feels no power and does not want to perform any activity. The person has no physical energy to do regular work.

The sudden rise in body weight after leaving
If a person stops taking these pills and start his regular diet, then there is a drastic increase in the weight. The keto pills create a type of dependence in person using it. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use these, not for a long time.

If you find any of these side effects immediately consult your doctor so that he provides you some fruitful suggestions.

Care is better!

The supplements show many positive effects but along with negative outcomes are associated as well. Therefore, try to use natural remedies if you are conscious about your weight as this will be slow but have no side effects. If you still want to use such pills, then do take them according to the nutritionist prescription.

4 Top Financial Ratios That Every Investor Should Know

Financial ratios are commonly used by companies to determine the financial health of a business. If you’re a prospective investor, who would like to become a shareholder in a company, it’s critical you understand the Earnings per Share (EPS) before checking out other ratios.

EPS refers to the profit that a company makes in a year. Companies with high EPS for the past five years are more robust and stable making them the best to invest in if you are a potential investor. Also, creditors, financial analysts, managers, and shareholders use financial ratios to find out the strength and the weakness of a company.

There are four categories that companies use to analyze financial ratios data.

Profitability Ratios

These ratios measure how a company utilizes its resources. Profitability ratios also help to establish the ability of companies to make sufficient return on sales, total assets, and the sum capital invested. They include:

  • Profit margin Ratio – Evaluated by dividing the net income by the purchases made over a period.
  • Return On Equity – Determined by calculating the difference between the Net income and Net Equity.
  • Gross Margin Ratio – This is the difference between the Gross profit and Net sales
  • Return on Investment Assets –This is the difference between the Net Income and Total Assets.

Liquidity Ratios

The liquidity ratio of companies is the ability of a company to pay short term loan within 12 months. A company can determine its liquidy rate in this way:

  • Current Ratio –The current ratio should be less than 1.0, the company has more short term debts than assets. As a potential investor, always invest in a company with a current rate higher than 1.0
  • Quick Ratio – This is the variance between inventory from current assets and the current obligations.
  • Operating Cash Flow – The difference between the total debts and the operating cash flow.
  • Cash Ratio – The cash ratio is arrived at when you add the marketable securities and the operating cash, then you get the difference of the total with the current liability.

Debt Ratios

The debt ratio is the difference between the amount of capital borrowed and equity ( the amount of money contributed by shareholders). Its also known as the leveraging ratio or a proportion of a company’s assets that are financed by the company’s debts. Here are the debts ratios that companies look at and which every investor should know.

  • Debt Equity Ratio – This is the fraction between long term debt (total liability) versus shareholders equity.
  • Total Debt Ratio – This is the difference between the total liabilities and the total assets. It’s riskier to invest in a company if it has a high debt ratio.
  • Cash Flow to Debt Ratio –This is the difference between the operating cash flow and total debt.

Activity Ratios

If a company is capable of converting different accounts of balance sheet into cash or sales, then they have the chance to measure the relative efficiency of the business.

In short, if you’re a potential investor, don’t forget to check out those top three points we’ve discussed here. For more information, check out Investors Hangout.

Are You Fit Enough to Play Golf?

When you think of golf, think back to the years from 960 to 1279 A.D. when a game that historians claim was something like golf played using sticks and balls, as depicted by paintings, during the Song Dynasty in China.  It is said that during the time of Julius Caesar golf was played using a feather-stuffed ball with tree branches. But it is officially recognized that golf, as we know it, was a sport played in Scotland from 1502.

According to experts, golf is said to be the most difficult sport to be performed. Golf and the golfers who have successfully played it have been analyzed from every perspective including a digital analysis of every bone and muscle in the body, in action, that are used to play this sport.

Many so-called experts claim that their approach to the game will make one a more competitive golf player.  But all experts would agree that it is the unique configuration of one’s muscles and bones which must be coordinated to put a golf ball in the tin cup from distances of hundreds of yards, feet, and inches with the least effort under all weather conditions.

The PGA Tour has an emphasis on the importance of exercise for each of its players have a fitness regimen.  At each PGA Tour event, there is a fitness trailer to be used by professional athletic golfers.

Exercise specialists claim that a person’s muscles and bones can be trained to withstand the rigors of golf using unique exercises.
The goals of golf exercises are to prevent injury, to create more control over the golf swing adding power and speed, and to reduce fatigue on the golf course, all of which should lead to better golf performance.

The exercises developed are designed to be cardiovascular workouts which some fitness experts refer to as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT).  The HIT method involves activities that are quick and intense bursts followed by equally short periods of recovery.   This approach is designed to reduce the need for the traditional cardio jogging exercise.  The more conventional stretching exercises, cardio training, and weight training are recommended to firm up the upper body, trunk, and legs.  Walking the entire 18-hole distance would be part of your exercise program.

There are some dos and don’ts of golf exercises. For instance, the training must be golf specific, and the purpose is not to build muscle mass and become bulky, which restricts the motion for your swing. The purpose of golf specific exercises is to improve functional strength using high repetitions to build lean muscle.