Why Outplacement Support is good for Your Organization

Unemployment rates are quite high and are likely to continue this trend in the near future. This is because the number of jobs in the market is not increasing at a quick enough pace to keep up with the rising population.

At such a time, laying off employees is something that most organizations go through. Since it is imminent that as a company you will face this situation, the best way to approach is to provide outplacement support to the terminated employees.

Providing outplacement assistance can not only allow your employee to benefit but can also provide to be advantageous to your organization. Here are a few reasons why.

Fulfillment of Corporate Responsibility

Every organization claims that it succeeds in fulfilling its corporate responsibility towards its employees and the environment. However, only a few match these claims with action. You don’t want your company to be the one which is known as being a talker rather than a doer.

Providing outplacement support to your employees send a clear message to the corporate world, which is that you care about your people. This is because availing outplacement assistance ensures that the future of your laid off workforce is secured.

Employee Satisfaction

How you deal with your terminated employees also sends a message to those who remain in the organization. One of the most crucial resources of any company is its human capital. And every firm wants to make sure that this resource is as productive as possible.

When you treat your ex-employees with respect and care, the remaining workforce also feels valued and secure about their jobs. They know that their company is going to have their back even when things go south. This aids in employee satisfaction and eventual retention.

Better Corporate Image

The image you portray to the corporate world is of immense importance. Why? This is because it guarantees that your operations are never mistrusted by the masses. Moreover, it also ensures that better human capital opts for jobs in your organization.

Whether it be investors or your customers, all of them care about your corporate image. Outplacement assistance is a must to ensure the success of your firm.


All in all, investing in outplacement providers or agency is going to yield you greater value than cost. Make sure that you portray to the world that you value your employees.