Ocean Ash Scattering Options

As a Captain and owner of Ocean Ashes Inc. I have been performing ocean ash scatterings for many years. And while the process itself is very simple and beautiful there are as many ways to customize it as there are different types of people in this world. And in the end the way one is sent on their journey around the world is almost as important as the trip itself. I’m going to mention some of the most unique and creative ways that I’ve had the pleasure to help with.

One of my favorite ceremonies was for a Scottish family who requested a live bagpiper to play during the scattering. I found a local piper and hired him for the gig. The family supplied a few traditional songs for him to play of which I only knew “Scotland The Brave”. Wow, it was so amazing and by the end of the ceremony we had a few other boats stop to listen. They all applauded at the end and the family was warmed by the video I sent them.

I’ve also had many people choose to be scattered with ashes of their beloved pets who were such great companions in life and now in death. I feel such pride in sending people off with their best friends. It’s a great honor to the loyalty and fidelity we feel with our furry friends. One man in particular I scattered with his champion race horse ashes, It was so amazing when I found out all the races they had won together.

Some of the most popular things people request include adding the playing of their favorite song during the ceremony. I’ve released doves as the scattering was taking place and it really is a beautiful tribute. As for sailors who have passed I ring the ships bell eight times which signals a sailors end of watch. When one scatters ashes the ceremony has endless possibilities and choices that give each ceremony a personal touch that the deceased would be sure to love, and I truly feel that they are watching.