The Necessary Documentation Required for Moving the Shipment Abroad

There are a lot of people who are moving from Japan to the USA. They have chosen the right shipping company for them but they are not the fan of paperwork and they also don’t know the right documents that are required to move your shipment abroad. So don’t worry, your shipping company will do it all if you need this. But it is necessary that you must know all the documents so, in this article, we are assisting you about these documents. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

Ocean and Air Freight

You can decide to move your shipment via ocean freight or air freight. The transit time is generally longer with ocean freight but it is a safe mean to move your shipment and you will also get cheap rates. You can avail the services of an exclusive and shared container but it depends on the size of your shipment.

Air freight is available at premium prices that can be slightly high as compared to ocean freight but the transit time of the shipment is very short.  If you want to get suitable rates for your shipment then you can visit this page:

Documents that are required

The required documents to move the shipment are packing list, commercial invoice, export customs declaration, the ID card copy, the passport copy, the ticket copy and non-dangerous declaration certificate. You can also prepare these documents yourself and your shipping company can also do it for you. All these documents will move with the AWB of your shipment if it is air freight shipment and with BL if it is sea freight shipment.

Delivering the Shipment to the Final Destination

It is the most important part of your shipment that is moving abroad. You will be happy and satisfied to receive your goods at the final destination. There are about 600 approved agents and also their affiliates whom you can trust to move your shipment abroad. So these shipping companies can pave a smooth path to move your shipment and they can also provide you custom clearance services at the destination.

You have traveled a lot to begin a new lie in the new country so you don’t have to worry about the unpacking and the removal of debris from your new location. The trained professionals will deliver your shipment to your door and they will also unpack it for you. You just have to look them and relax.