Mac virtualization and how to run Windows apps on Mac

Windows continues to remain the ruler in OS markets despite Mac’s sudden increase in market shares. Although many software companies are intelligent enough to release software for all major OSs (such as Windows, Mac, Linux), there are still many programs that you can only enjoy on Windows Systems. But much like everything in the digital world, even this has a workaround. No matter what your purpose, there are several ways to run Windows programs on your Mac machine and virtualization is the most widely used of all the techniques.

So what actually is virtualization?

A virtual machine enables you to run one OS on a machine with another OS without actually installing the entire OS. So, when you install a virtual version of Windows, it will actually think that it is running on a standalone machine but the reality is strikingly different. A Windows virtual machine will be running on a piece of software on the MAC OS.

To install the Windows VM on your MAC machine, two things are essential. The first one is a Windows license or product key. The second one us a virtual machine program. Fusion, VMWare, and Parallels are the most widely used VM programs to run Windows on Mac. Once you have obtained both these, all you need to do is download the Windows Installation Media and install it on your selected virtual machine program.

Parallels enable users to run Windows on Mac systems without having to reboot it. Such VM wares integrate Windows apps seamlessly and make it seem as if the software is native to Mac or the PC itself. It also comes with a plethora of smart tools to simplify everyday tasks and 500 GB of online backup storage for a year.

Out of all the VM machines, Parallels provides the most robust performance because of its 64 GM vRAM and 16 vCPUs per virtual machine.This is the very reason that gamers prefer Parallels to run those Windows games that do not run on MAC machines. Also, Parallels offers a great DirectX support compared to other VMwares in the market. In fact, it also works with Boot Camp by enabling the reuse of existing Boot Camp installation. You can also choose the view according to your preference of making Windows invisible while still using its applications or work with the Windows background on your MAC System.

Parallels support Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. You can also run Cortana on MAC using Parallels VM! In fact, not only Windows but many Operating Systems such as OS X, Linux, and Google Chrome TM can also run on your MAC machine on the Parallels VM.  So if you are someone who owns a MAC and still misses Windows, Parallels Desktop would be a good investment for you. To get the best online deal on this awesome software, you can visit Coupon Buffer where you can get lucrative deals on Parallels and many other software.