Lasik Procedure Costs in Singapore

If you are thinking of having a treatment to get better vision, one option you have to consider is LASIK surgery. LASIK Singapore price varies from $3500 to $6500. The prices can changedue to the prescription and just how difficult the process is. Moreover, the technology used throughout the surgery might also modify the cost of the operation.

Nowadays, eye care centers offer LASIK with a choice of using Microkeratome or IntraLase. Microkeratome is definitely an oscillating blade, which is used to produce the corneal flap while IntraLase uses lasers. Using lasers to produce a flap is really a more controlled and precise method generally recognized to reduce on complications and improve vision quality. However, while it is more effective, the LASIK Singapore cost for IntraLase costs 30% more when compared with standard LASIK.

You may even encounter the word Wavefront while discussing the process together with your physician. It is really an advanced measurement system, used to produce a 3D map of the patient’s visual system with the cornea’s imperfection or aberration. Information within the map can serve as guide for that laser to personalize the laser facial treatment in reshaping the cornea to ensure that these irregularities could be remedied. This kind of LASIK costs about 50% greater than average LASIK.

Are there any possible negative effects of LASIK surgery?

Aside from LASIK Singapore price, you should also determine if this process includes any negative outcomes. Carrying out a research about this enables you to definitely get ready for the end result of the procedure. Here are the following negative effects or complications that you might experience following a LASIK surgery:

Temporary discomfort – someone may go through burning sensation or itchiness following the surgery. Mild eye diseases like light sensitivity can also be expected. These discomforts are common and can eventually fade. It will likely be better to always use the eye shield provided by your physician during sleep so that you can avoid accidentally rubbing or touching your eyes. Rubbing or touching it might dislodge the flap, causing your vision to not heal correctly.

Seeing visual disturbances – anticipate seeing some visual disturbances, including glares or halos in low-light environments after your operation. This occurs to a lot of patients immediately after surgery especially during the night. For many patients, these visual disturbances improve within the next couple of days to several weeks, however for some it could be permanent.

Complication with flap–in the LASIK surgery, your eye physician creates a thin-hinged flap in front of the cornea to gain access to the stroma or theunderlying cornea. This is needed to be able to remove some corneal tissue while using excimer laser. If you wish to know should there be risks or complications that include in creating a flap, they’re as follow:

• Flaps which are not big enough or too thin
• Buttonholes (small holes or tears in the heart of the flap)
• Irregular corneal flaps
• Free caps or flaps with no hinge

Dry eyes syndrome–LASIK can increase dryness immediately after surgery as a result of reduction in tear production. This might cause eye discomfort or fuzzy vision. For many patients, dry eye syndrome is temporary. To reduce your discomfort, your physician may prescribe you with lubricating eye drops.

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