LaCie Rugged USB-C: An External and Advanced Hard Drive

LaCie has introduced the most reliable and secure external hard drives. They have launched the technology with high specifications for next-generation computers. What the performance of their products is providing is unmatchable. The USB-C is released in 2TB capacity. After writing the Lacie Rugged Review, we were encouraged to write about this latest masterpiece. This external hard drive is made to be tough, but also it is rugged because of the orange rubber which is easily removable. The basic purpose of this rubber sleeve is to make the drive drop resistant. It is designed in a way that it can survive after driven over by 1-ton weight.

USB-C has very compact dimensions and a very suitable weight. It weighs 224 grams. There is an elegant steel body underneath the thick rubber cover. It can be taken anywhere because of its weight and size. It can easily be slipped into the pocket. Moreover, its water resistant because of its cover and can be used even in rains while in outdoor. Seagate hard drive is used for this model which is the reason for being this device so small. There are two platters 1TB capacity of each. Its main strengths are its mobility which makes it free to be moved, its compatibility which makes it compatible with every type of operating systems and its capacity.


  • It consumes lesser energy as compared to other drives and makes lesser
  • 128 MBs are reserved for the cache.
  • An excellent spinning speed of 5400RPM.
  • USB-C 2TB uses Type-C connector which gives the speed 5Gbps and competes with USB 3.0
  • It asks the user to select if they want to use the drive as NTFS, FAT32 or hybrid.

It is compatible with both NTFS and FAT32 because of hybrid configurations of file systems. USB-C has shown 130 to 132 read/ write speed under the NTFS file system. Its speeds are much faster than the other portable drives. It shields your data from internal disasters like data corruption and externals disasters like Shock and drops water. LaCie USB-C’s access time is very low which makes it very fast. It is because of its two platters of 1TB each. As the platters are lesser which increase the access time. Moreover, the transfer rate is remarkable because it uses Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, RAID 0 and SSD option. In its services, data recovery is also included which it makes more feasible and easier to recover data which is lost by mistake.