Some interesting information about Japan and its People:

Japan is a famous country in the Eastern part of the world. Comprising of a number of Islands, this is a small country when we talk about land and geographic area. However, Japan has shown great advancement in the past few years. Today it is one of the most important and developed economies of the world. Historically too, the country has had a significant role in the world history. it was one of the key players in the world wars and is also known for its defense capabilities worldwide. You can find a number of interesting facts about Japan from various sources on the internet.

A cultural and modern country:

Although the country is a leading producer of technology related products, it is still quite rich in cultural heritage and art forms. You can find a number of Buddhist temples and places of worship that are beautifully designed and are visited by a large number of tourists every year. apart from cultural places, Japan is also very beautiful in its natural beauty. With some amazing landscapes and lovely climate, the country is known for its high mountains and volcanoes.

Information and Facts:

Some basic information about the country is described below:

  • Geographically the country is present in the Northern Pacific region. Its nearby neighbors include Russia and Korea. It is a very small country. Even California State in the US is bigger than Japan. It is made up of four large islands and almost 4000 tiny land masses within the sea.
  • The landscape of the country mostly comprises of mountains those too volcanic mountains. Only 18 percent of the land is considered to be livable land terrain.
  • Because of thescarcity of land area, the cities that the country has are very dense in population.
  • .Japan’s official language of communication, education, and documentation is Japanese. Poorly written English is also seen in various places and locations
  • The country has four different writing systems prevalent in the region.
  • Japan has a variety of weathers. Summers are accompanied very high temperatures while winters are mostly mild. The spring is sunny and holds a moderate temperature throughout its occurrence.
  • Two of the most commonly practiced religions in the country are Buddhism and Shintoism

Bottom Line:

These were some interesting facts about Japan. It is a popular tourist destination that is visited by a large number of people from all over the world.