An intelligent and affordable telephone system for your hotel.

Phone system as Erickson iPECS UCP help you to deliver good service to your customer. In hospitality industry 80 percent of the staff is mobile. It gives WiFi that makes sure that every member of the staff is connected. Every member is giving voice mail box that deliver message directly on their email address that keeps your hotel and all the team connected with each other. IPECS provides the connectivity all around the hotel, if you have separate buildings such as gym, spa, and restaurants so these can all be serviced from central system. This keep the cost less and monitoring easy.

The IPECS gives the lowest power consumption for any telephone system.

The hotel industry is everywhere in country and an efficient hotel telephone system can help you to generate your revenues. IPECS help you to reduce cost.

IPECS supports each member of the hotel:

General manger of hotel, says that this phone system helps to run hotel smoothly and easily, and provide the guest the service they need and is low in cost.

Receptionist on front desk, it helps receptionist as having an eye on everyone with ease that what they are doing, locate the staff and transfer calls to anyone in hotel with one signal button.


Housekeeper: this telephone system make it easy for housekeeper to stay in contact with the reception, and update them about the rooms.


Night porter on duty, this help him to be in contact with the main hotel phone system through smart phones, which in case of emergency can respond quickly.


Guest: for guest having Wi-Fi service and using hotel services directly form smart phones make them happy and all that they want.

Revenues manager: revenue manager says that direct booking is very essential and this phone system help us even in increase of profits.

Event manager: it makes easy for me to provide support better, they are kept updated and can call my team anytime

Office support: it helps to give reports of unreturned missed calls, this make their job and easier and provide help to give better service.

To make your hotel number 1among all others in that area you have to work hard for that and to think wisely. Not to over budget yourself and still have to provide service that is best among all others. Best telephone system can make your hotel successful.