Infographic Reveals The 12″ Teeth That Dinosaurs Were Armed

We will never know everything about dinosaurs and if you look hard enough, there are even some conspiracies that they never existed in the first place.

We don’t quite fall into the above camp, but a recent infographic has shed some amazing light onto just one element of their existence – their teeth.

Unsurprisingly, a firm behind this, and they have produced a visual that really got us thinking when it came to the topic of these creatures. Here is the infographic in full.

We will leave you to dissect the key points from it, but what’s become clear is that many of these
creatures had some truly enormous teeth. Not just large in comparison to humans (we probably all
knew this) – but large beyond comprehension.

For example, in the case of the famous T-Rex, this had teeth that were around 12" in size. While
dinosaurs are the primary aim through the infographic, it also features on some other creatures. The
saber-toothed tiger falls into said category and shares similarly sized teeth as the T-Rex, albeit in much
sharper form! In the case of this creature, it’s understood that the size of the teeth was designed to
reach the major blood vessels of large mammals.

Of course, not all dinosaurs were huge in size, and many of the teeth featured in the infographic are
actually quite tiny. To coin an example, while the Stenonychosaurus may have had a ridiculous 122
teeth, they were all only 0.4" in size. The Dimorphodon also only had teeth of these dimensions.
Then, there was everything in-between. While the infographic doesn’t look at averages, a quick glance
can show that most had teeth of several inches in size. There are also some really interesting points on
the number of teeth that some of these creatures had and while we focused on the Stenonychosaurus a
moment ago, you don’t have to look far to see the Triceratops had five layers of teeth, contributing to a
total of 800!

There’s a lot of information in the infographic so we’ll leave it with you for now, but it’s certainly food
for thought!