Some Important Tips on Deluxe Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay is derived from Costume Role-play. It is an art about performance in which the characters called cosplayers wears deluxe cosplay costumes and different fashion ornaments to represent a specific character. Cosplayers develop a subculture and the word Cosplay applies to any costume role playing. People adopt cosplaying as a hobby and the number of cos players has been increased since 1990. It is a popular culture in Japan, some parts of Asia and also in the western world.

Cosplayers’ costumes

Many manufacturers sell packages of Cosplay costumes having a difference in quality. They can be sold online and can be purchased from local retailers. In Japan, Cosplay costume manufacturers have earned a profit of 35 billion yen in 2015. The number of personnel works on commission making wigs props and costumes for individuals.

Some cosplayers prefer to make costumes on their own so they have a wide range of raw materials body paints, wigs, jewelry, prop weapons, hair dyes, and clothes etc. The character to be portrayed can be from a movie, drama, comic book or from a video game. Cosplayers are expert in crafting and have knowledge about fabric, sculpture, face painting, and fashion design. They keep on engaging themselves in body modification to look more like the character they are representing.

How to Make Cosplay Costumes?

Here are some of the steps to make Cosplay costumes.

  • Choose your character from any movie, book, play etc.
  • Think about the weather.
  • Decide preferred outfit.
  • Assemble components.
  • Break costume in parts.
  • Sew it; put it on for a trial.
  • Find a place to show it off.

Some Cosplay Costume Tips

When making Cosplay costumes, think about colors. Have a look on everyday things and think how you can employ them in your costumes. Costumes can be made from daily trash and a coat of colorful paint can add life to them. Visit random stores to collect raw material for your costume. Kitchen stores have many things that can be used in custom modification. Professionals are expert in making costumes because they are stick to their training. Avoid them and use unconventional methods to make your costume. Look for the stress points in your costumes.

The part which is to be worn most must be strong. Costume should have proper ventilation. If you have to wear head covers or helmets make sure they have air flow. Use breathable fabrics with temperature control designs. Bond with your character to present your creativity.