The Idea behind Abstract Art

Abstract art is also known as non-objective art. It is impossible to figurate it similarly it is non-representational. It is geometric abstraction with a touch of concrete art. You can not portray recognizable scenes and objects in this type of painting. Some artists consider that every art is abstract. This art is separated from reality. So in a practical task to separate abstract art from non-abstract art is very troublesome.

What is the Idea Behind this Art?

The key to every abstract art is aesthetics and it is the most contemporary quality of the painting. It is same like representational qualities. You can take an example of a painting in which a man is badly drawn. But if you view this painting you will feel that the colors are very good and you will declare it a very impressive. So in this type of painting the colors can override the representational qualities. However, in some tracings, the demonstration can be impressive but the color scheme can be boring. So we can quote the saying of Plato there as he said, “It is not necessary that straight line and circles are beautiful but they are absolutely beautiful eternally.” He means that all the images that are non-naturalistic are beautiful because they are absolute and they have unchanging beauty. So it is possible to appreciate a painting if you like the strokes and lines.

Types of Abstract Art               

Abstract art is divided into six basic categories. These are.

  • Minimalist
  • Light-related
  • Emotional
  • Curvilinear
  • Geometric
  • Gestural

Some of the above mention categories are more abstract as compared to others.

The Brief History of Abstract Art

It is said that this art was originated about 70,000 years before. In South Africa tow pieces of rocks were found with some geometric abstract patterns in them. So until 19th century most of the Abstract paintings are following traditional realism. It is proved that the real duty and responsibility of art is to portray scenes and objects that are recognizable. There is a difference in demand of medium and size and the art also have to represent external reality. But now the things are changing. The naturalistic style is not the only style to do abstract painting. So in modern art there are many changing and additional techniques that involve many colors and also 3D representation. With these advancements the quest for abstract art will be used further.