How to Organise Shuttle Bus Service for your next Conference

Conference venues ireland can be tricky to organise. Deciding the venue, the transportation, how much money to pitch in, arranging a time and place when everyone is free – every decision eats up a lot of time and energy of the organiser. Along with this hassle, there is also the extra worry about the actual day of the conference, about whether every event you planned would run efficiently. While there are some things whose outcome you might not be able to control, you can at least make sure that all the speakers and other attendees reach the venue on time. You can do that by arranging a proper transport for them beforehand so that there will be one less thing to worry about. There are a number of shuttle bus rental options that you can look up on various websites that will help you with the transport problem and get rid of any coordination issues.

There are various types of conferences. Depending on which type of conference, be it academic, press, parent-teacher, corporate or even a sports one that you plan on organising, you will need to plan the venue and transportation accordingly.

And in case this is your first time planning a conference, here are few guidelines to help you organise one:

Form a team

There are so many tasks and things to plan, check and oversee that trying to do it all alone is probably not the best option. Select a group of people who you can trust and assign them different tasks. This way everything gets done on time without you completely running out of time and energy.


It is essential that you plan ahead when it comes to this. Organise a blueprint with an average cost of everything on it- transport, venue, food, activities, workshops, accommodations etc. This is will help you to later cut down on any losses.

Plan the details

Fix a proper date, book a large venue, organise the catering and, last but not the least, arrange for a good transportation service. The advantages of shuttle bus rental options will be that you wouldn’t have to worry about whether the attendees reach the venue on time or their accommodation safely. They wouldn’t have to worry about which route to take too. Here are some options you can choosefrom:

Coach Buses

In case you are planning for a corporate retreat or a conference, these buses would be super ideal. They can seat around 60 people at once, there is air-conditioning, power outlets and even WiFi (so that you don’t lose touch with your head corporate office). These buses have reclining chairs and a bathroom for emergencies. The walking space is enough for a few rounds of pep talk before the conference. Coach buses would be ideal for longer road trips.

Mini Buses

These are just the smaller versions of Coach Buses. They can seat around 15-20 people at once. They are ideal for academic conferences or field trips. Since academic conferences are generally planned not far off, these mini buses are ideal for day trips. Except the reclining chairs and bathrooms, they have all the amenities of a coach bus. Luggage bins are larger and can hold more items. These buses are good enough for press conferences too.

The School Bus

A slightly less conventional option but nevertheless a good one. These buses are large and can seat around 30 passengers at once. Traffic laws make them immune to accidents and the seats are cushioned and highly placed so that any impact won’t affect the passengers. School Buses are also ideal for academic trips as well as corporate retreats.
The beauty of the digital age is that all of this just a click away. You can easily book shuttle services online, pay a fee depending on the distance or the destination, map out a convenient route and boom! You have one less thing to stress about on the day of the conference.