How to Display Cub Scout Temporary Patches?

Cub Scout temporary patch is one of the badges that scouts earn and wear to show that they have worked hard during the training. The scouts earn these temporary badges in several ways and place them on their shirts. Some of the events where they can earn these patches are scouting for the food drive, Memorial Day flag placement, annual popcorn sale, etc. You can know more about patch earning by clicking here.

These patches are worn to show the activity in which the scout is participating, the logo over it represents the purpose of the event.  Scout patches custom badge are worn in the following events

Scout anniversary events

One of the honorable events in any scout life is the scout anniversary events and camporees. Here the patches are given to the attendees. The scouts go to the day camp get the patch. Usually, the organizations give such patches. For example, if the baseball organization arranges the cub scout day camp, they will provide patches to the participants.

Moreover, these are also worn on different tournaments like football events, rugby matches, or the day camps.

Wearing These Badges

Now the question is how to wear these badges; the best way to display the badge is on the shirt’s pocket or sleeves. You can sew it or wear it by putting inside the plastic holder and then hook it over the right pocket button. But the best way to display the patches is given below.

  • On The Brag Vest

Many scout boys wear the brag vest over the uniform. They can sew or clip the badge over the vest to make it prominent.

  • Sashes Are Cool Point To Ear Badge

Those who wear the scout sash can display the patch over it. Boy Scout with merit badges usually wears it on the sash.

  • Patch Jackets

It is a wonderful way to display the patch. You can buy the jacket with the theme of the event or your scout uniform. Sew it on the front side or on the sleeves to make it look impressive.

If you have various patches gathered in different events, then show our child your activities, and about your services, you can showcase these patches on the board, on blankets, or quilts. Moreover, ideally, you can sew them on shadow boxes or picture frame and display in a living room wall