How to Create an Office That Inspires Productivity

Whilst there can be no doubt that having a good-looking office is desirable, it’s far better to have one that inspires and fosters productivity. Indeed, there’s no point surrounding yourself with vintage decorations and fancy desk chairs if they’re not helping you to tick things off your to-do list.

The question, it seems, is how to create an attractive workspace that puts your mind into a state that’s primed for working effectively. Besides getting an appropriate temperature, noise level, and comfortable desk chair, what more can you do to get ahead?

First and foremost, it seems, is to decide whether an open or closed working space is best for you. Frustratingly, this isn’t something that science can clear up for you. Some studies present convincing arguments for retreating to the comfort of a cubicle whilst others suggest that the social element of an open-plan office is more conducive to productivity.

Suppliers like Office Furniture Scene are able to provide everything you need, no matter what kind of office layout you’re after. Indeed, their wide range of acoustic pods and cove screens are ideal for those who like to shut themselves off, whilst their selection of larger desks are equally great for those who prefer collaborative working arrangements. 

Finding a suitable layout is of course the first step towards the creation of an effective workspace. The next step is finding a colour which helps you to focus and complete tasks, this is where science can come into play to provide some answers. Specifically, research has shown that certain shades of blue help to inspire feelings of productivity whilst red is believed to create hunger – not the greatest feeling to experience when trying to work!

Another important factor to consider is the amount of natural light that your office is receiving. In particular, you’ll want to ensure that a steady flow of sunlight is able to make its way into the workspace. This will help to improve your mood and make you far more efficient than if you were left in a dark and gloomy office.

With these essential elements in place, you’ll simply be left to get creative with the decoration and theme of your office. Want to be on trend? Why not get playful and add some retro posters or quirky wall hangings. Ultimately, your finishing touches should all be about providing comfort that helps to kick your productivity into orbit.