How Panasonic PBX Systems Works

Panasonic PBX systems contains one or more SIP or VoIP phones, an IP PBX server as well as VoIP gateway. It works in a similar manner like a proxy server. The PBX stands for the private Branch Exchange that helps the person in connecting the calls, especially for the business purpose. The clients when need to call by using software or hardware-based phones they request to the IP PBX server to connect the call. The system has the entire phone saved and the complete directory that can help the user to connect the call. It uses SIP address to connect the call. They can make both internal call and the external call by the help of VoIP system.

Main elements

The PBX system works with two main elements that include

  1. Lines also called as the trunks that connect with the PSTN through a telephone company
  2. Stations are the simple telephone or the end point system like fax machine, credit card terminals and modems.

How the system works?

The center of the system contains the IP PBX, as the operator has to make the call he clicks on the corporate network option. This is known as the company’s local network. The computer runs the SIP clients through this network system. The 3CX and the IP phones are directly connected to the PBX. On one side of the system is connected the router or firewall that is connected to the internet. The internet connection helps the user to connect with the running extensions in the form of the computers.

Setting of the System

Remote soft phones, IP phones and #CX Android and IOS clients can get the connection through the system. Through VoIP, the company connects to the PSTN network. The VoIP gateway is able to connect PBX directly to the PSTN.

This is how the Panasonic PBX Systems Kenya works and helps the client to connect with another user in the call. It is basically the communication or the business phone system that enables the person to connect to make the business calls. It has internal traffic system that controls the outside world by acting as a gatekeeper. This is an advanced system that has to make the business phone connection simple but with high technology so that the transferred calls are permit or denied according to the settings. There is the system of voice messaging and call queuing also available.