Extremist Holding the Purse Strings

President Trump just being short members of the far right cabinet, including the Minister of Education, who called the public schools a “dead end”, the Secretary of Labor, who has been cited for violations of labor law and Of the State Environmental Protection Agency, which sued its section , sections.

But within the Trump team, Mick Mulvany’s Representative Rep., Republican of South Carolina, has a well-known option to lead the important management and budget, ranking in the list of most reactionary states.

The only fragments of this clear at the confirmation hearing, Mr. Mulvany quiet on Tuesday.

In fact, Mr. Mulvany – a founding member of Freedom combines with the conservative almost perfect voting record – was six years carrying the burden against federal spending and the profession of Congressional indebtedness, voting against both relief Of the sand hurricane to reopen the government after the closure of 2013.

The intransigence positioned well to the right of the leadership of the Republican Party, including former President John Boehner, who opposes time and again – get this – to be gentle in controlling excess in spending federal money.
While Mr. Mulvany is not alone in his frightening views, and the difference between him and other conservative members of his brigade between However, it is likely to soon be an extraordinary opportunity to promote instead. O.M.B. (As it is universally known) is the control center of fiscal policy and administration.

Each year, the budget office supervises the budget process in the federal government, receiving requests from individual agencies, analyzing and making recommendations to the President what the expense should be asked of Congress and what the deficit should be.

From that perch, Mr. Mulvany will be in a good position to assist in producing the funding of the Affordable Assistance Act, defund family planning, and cancellation-Export-Import Bank, and elimination of research Financed by the government, and raising the retirement age of Social Security to 70 and even repress spending outside the military budget, to name a few of the objectives.

We could already be starting to see the vague outlines of this type of program, and said the new administration is considering proposals to reduce spending by $ 10.5 billion over the next decade, more than 40 percent of the many major programs .

D. Mulvany shares many of the serious economic views with the first choice for the Republican nomination, supported liberal Senator Rand Paul, in particular his belief that the national debt is increasing and the existential crisis that must be dealt with independently of the Results.

In this effort, South Carolina, 49, has argued to modify the balanced budget, a truly impressive idea that would eliminate the ability of the federal government to use deficit spending in times of economic weakness.

Likewise, it has repeatedly voted against legislation to raise the debt ceiling, without which the Federal Government to continue and possibly breach its obligations, none of that seemed to bother Congress.

And like the new boss, Mr. Mulvany has suggested that if the country’s debt continued to rise, one way to address this problem would be to push creditors to accept less than the total amount.

Consequences, said Janet Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, with classic Fed euphemism, will be “very tough” at least the resultant “higher credit costs for American households and companies.”

Mutual feelings. Mr. Mulvany and repeatedly criticized the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate policies, including at a dinner held by the John Birch Society, an ultra-conservative organization founded in 1958 that today can Ceft- ALT true.

His hatred has led the Fed to support legislation that severely compromises central bank independence. This is one of the more misleading concepts Mr. Mulvany, and the Fed’s strong response to the financial crisis plays a key role in the economic recovery over the past eight years.

And then there is the responsibility of the budget office to review the whole proposed organization of the main – as well as the list – allowing it to continue its war against government rules from near taste.

It will be curious to see how Mr. Mulvany consistent with his new companions. He also admitted Tuesday, blatant call to cut Social Security and Medicare disagreed with the new boss.

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