Highlight Features of The Elder Law

Developed countries like the United States are majorly concerned with the elder law of the country. The government and state of all such countries feel a pressure to safeguard and protect the rights of the elderly citizens of the society and make sure that they are okay. Most of the elders become homeless and helpless as they age. Inability to earn a living, find a shelter and fulfill other basic needs becomes very prominent. In such a situation, it becomes crucial for the elders and senior citizens to be protected by a law that is solely dedicated for them.

Elder Law

The elder law is solely planned out, created and implemented for the elders and senior citizens. This law highlights the basic importance to protect the rights of the overage adults and cater to their constantly changing needs as they age and get older.

Highlight features of elder law

The following is a quick overview of the highlight features of the law created for the elders. This overview will help you get an insight into how and for what this law has been created and is being implemented. There are two basic things that that this law is concerned with; housing and shelter facilities for the elders and health care for long-term care.

Shelter facilities

As people age, the find it difficult to provide for themselves and their partners/family. This is why fulfillment of basic needs such as housing also becomes difficult. This law covers the shelter needs of the elderly by providing them with a home or residence in a shelter.

Health care services

It is crucial to care for the good health of the people as they age. The citizens of most developed countries mostly do get health care facilities that are arranged by the State for their well-being. However, the health care services of this particular law in Florida are divided into two further types.

  1. Medicare

The Medicare services are arranged by the federal state government and are available for all the citizens of the United States; aged 65 years or above. There is no eligibility criterion for people to qualify for these services.

  1. Florida Medicaid

Florida Medicaid is also part of the health care program that is part of this law. This service is a joint collaboration of the federal and state government. Unlike Medicare, it is not generally available and is more like a welfare program that is run on certain specifications. This health coverage is provided to the people on basis of registration.