The Green Card Lottery

The registered and new winners of the DV lottery would be announced soon. Each winner will receive the green cards for them to enjoy the benefits given to each of the Us Citizens. The applicants are notified once the accurate draw was made. There is an assurance of a good way of selecting the winners made through the Green Card lottery. The term and conditions are followed to ensure each of the 50,000 winners is carefully validated before the actual announcement.

Each of the applicants registered to acquire the green card has been selected from the given number of entries holding their names and other related information. Each of them is from a country qualified of the green card visa privilege. The application periods run from October 2017 to November 2017. Each of the qualified applicants upon claiming their respective green cards should present the requirements needed to ensure they are eligible to have the green card.

During the visa interview, the winners should provide a proof of their high school education or a high school education equivalent to the education given to the citizens of the United States. Aside from this, if they are working in the US for under 2 years within the period of 5 years, they should also present a proof of the said employment record to have the green card.

Registrants who in some reason or another want to change their status should come to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to know the requirements and procedures needed to make the adjustments they wanted. The number of applicants such the children and other family members would not be honored of the benefits given to them. In doing so, only those qualified to have the right claim to the benefits have the right to have the green cards.

If you interested in availing the Green Card Lottery, you might find the schedule dates in the following months. The applicants who are eager to know more information could take a visit at the Department of State’s Visa Web page and know more about the terms and conditions of the next Green Card Lottery Draw.  In this way, there is a sure way of having the right information for each of the participants of the next Green Card Draw.

Each of the 50,000 green card visas would be given to those participants who qualify to meet the requirements assigned or given to them. As yo1u register, you have a sure way of getting the Green Card as long as each of the requirements and other procedures is met on the right time. The complete set of winners would be announced in a respective manner. After receiving the Green Cards, there is a sure way for them to be a full pledged US citizen.

However, if a certain person or the family member of the registered applicant is not qualified to have the green card via lottery, he or she could still have the green card using education, work experience or family member or spouse who would act as sponsor.