How To Give Your Home Curb Appeal In Winter

Yes, we know it’s cold and snowy, and sometimes you don’t feel like spending time outside to tend to your front lawn. However, that doesn’t mean you need to neglect it! After all, first impressions count!

The first thing to remember in winter is that, whether you care about your home’s curb appeal or not, safety comes first! Therefore, make sure that your driveway, front pathway and stairs are always free of ice and slippery leaves!

One of the perks of winter, beyond a reasonable doubt, is that you don’t need to mow the lawn! That being said, keep it neat, tidy and be sure to rake up stray leaves from time to time.

In the harsh light of winter, due to the bare trees and lack of summer leaves, you can often see where your house needs to be painted or touched up. Even if you only give your front door a fresh coat of glossy paint, this can make the world of difference!

We all know that in winter the days become shorter, so why not use this to your advantage and spruce up the outside of your home with some pretty outdoor lighting? Pathway lights and shrubbery lighting are both great ways to make your home stand out.

During the holidays (such as Christmas or Halloween) you can really go all out with your holiday decorations and lights. In addition, you could also add simple touches such as decorative wreaths on your front door and seasonal winter decorations such as a simple pile of firewood stacked neatly against a wall at your entrance.

Winter doesn’t have to mean no plants in your garden! Evergreen plants are lovely to have in winter! Think witch hazel, pansies and evergreen trees to give life to your winter landscape!