Fictions or Facts; 5 Best DIY Pest Control Myths

DIY pest control methods are probably as long as the pest itself. In the Egyptians times, it is believed that they used to smear the cat’s fat on grain sacks in order to protect against rodents. Several practices by Ancient Greek Farmers were used to eradicate pests around their crops.

While some procedures have been proved effective against pests, but there are also many fairy tales, immortalized by the desire of the owners to escape the annoying creatures. The fiction that can be a challenge but I would like to discuss some of the most common myths in DIY Pest Control Kelowna.

  1. Cheese is the best way to lure mice

This is probably one of the most popular myths: While mice eat everything they usually find in their environment, the cheese is not as convincing as shown in the popular cartoons. Some mice even advise of it, by their rather strong odor. Instead, they prefer foods that are rich in sugars, such as sweets, peanut butter, crackers and even animal food.

  1. Hanging bags of water with pennies repels flies

Watch a water bag hang with coins on the door of a restaurant can seem like a joke, but it seems a reliable method of pest control, many people swear by this practice. The theory behind this common practice is that flies base their direction’s sense depending on where sunlight comes from; their eyes can be confused by the multidirectional light of coin bags and water.

However, science still has to prove the effectiveness of this practice. A 2007 study found that the bags, instead of keeping the flies away, actually attracted more of them, during an episode of Myth busters in 2010, found no difference between the number of hatched flies attracted to container chamber which holds a bag of water and putrefaction meat.

  1. Corn grits cause ants to explode

Coarse ground corn is traditionally a delicious breakfast flake to ants’ stomachs and it is said that it can expand into contact with water and eventually explode. This home remedy, most likely lures for ants often used corn maize products for the chemical bait, it is not yet effective.

Maize grains are not enough to destroy a colony of ants for the simple reason that adult ants do not eat solid food. Due to its thin and narrow waist, many ant species have a specialized digestive system that prevents particles of large food from entering their intestines.

  1. Bug bombs are effective at killing bed bugs

Insect aerosol bombs or aerosol foggers are not effective to eliminate a bed bug infestation and can make everything even worse. As bedbugs spend their time under mattresses or hidden in cracks, mist foggers are unlikely to cause much damage. Although bugs in these insect bombs come into contact with toxic substances, their different insecticides leave their resistance levels undisturbed.

  1. Cucumber peels drive cockroaches away

Another home remedy, peeling fresh cucumbers placed in aluminum foil can be used to repel cockroaches. The explanation for this procedure is the chemicals smells react in the cucumber with the aluminum are not detectable by humans, but it is toxic for the cockroaches. Unfortunately, this remedy is substantiated by scientific evidence and found useless to be tried for.


When using tricks-by-yourself can sometimes deter some intruders from working from home, nothing goes beyond the experience of a professional pest control – especially when you are fighting the creatures that are notoriously hard to remove, i.e. Bedbugs or cockroaches. The remedies can work to keep pests out of sight, but only a specialist in pest control can ensure that your home can not be accessed on them, now or in the future.