Features and use of finger pulse oximeter

The oximeter is the device which helps the person to check the saturated oxygen level in the bloodstream. It is a high-tech machine that is helping doctors as well as the patients in a good manner. It is the rapid action device that along with the measurement of oxygen levels also read the heart rate of the body. Finger pulse oximeter has following incredible features.


It is an accurate and reliable device that provides the perfect results without any errors. It is the CE and FDA approved a device that is able to read in two different directions. It provides the heart rate, blood oxygen saturation level of accuracy on the LED screen present on the device.


The machine is superb and helpful for the patients having respiratory problems or other issues where it is necessary to monitor the oxygen level. It has large LED screen with the low power and rechargeable batteries. It can operate at the temperature of zero degrees centigrade to 50 degrees centigrade. The range of the device is 30 to 254 BPM.

Use of oximeter

  • The oximeter is used for all type of the ages; it can accommodate all size of the fingers. Mountain climber, skiers, bikers and other sports people can also use it for measuring oxygen as well as the heart rate during or after activity.
  • This pocket-friendly and the fast device are becoming the choice of the people because of its small size, the person can take it anywhere and whenever he wants to check the levels he can use it without pricking of the finger.
  • The machine is used on thin skin areas like a finger or sometimes earlobe is also used for this purpose. For the newborn babies, the machine is installed on the foot to obtain the perfect results.
  • The machine is widely used to determine heart rates in the children as well as for those patients suffering from some respiratory issues. The respiratory patients use it regularly to increase their exercise stamina, they regularly monitor the oxygen as well as the heart rate to keep themselves active and maintain their diet to overcome the problem.

The digital device works by emitting the light of two different wavelengths, these lights waves when entering in blood vessels or capillaries determine the oxygen level as well as the heart rate. This is an excellent device that the science has invented the person with some issues with respiration must keep it in the home for regular monitoring of oxygen levels.