Factors you need to consider when getting pool screen installation

Pool cages and screened enclosures are an amazing idea if you want to have uninterrupted fun with your friends and family. In fact, in the recent year’spool cages and screened enclosures have become very popular because of versatility. While there are many things that you should be considering before getting a pool screen installation, some things are more important than others. The following are some of the most important factors that you will need to bring into consideration.

  1. Frame

When looking for pool screen installations, the one thing that you should be very focused on is the frame. The frame is the basic structure that holds the screen into place and therefore, the quality of the screen cannot be compromised on. The most reliable material that can be used for the manufacture of these frames is aluminum. The aluminum frame can be colored into any shade of preference but the material needs to be durable.

  1. Fasteners

The fasteners are considered to be as important as the frame because they lock the screen into right position and place. The most common and inexpensive material that is used to manufacture the fasteners is zinc. However, pure zinc can rot and rust very soon. Therefore, it is best advised to cover the zinc fasteners with another metal layer for added protection.

  1. Screen

As far as the pool screens are concerned, there are two basic categories into which the screen types can be divided into. It strongly depends on your budget and preferences for which type of screen would you choose.

  • Basic screen

The basic screen is manufactured in China. Therefore, it is imported from China to all other countries. The screen is not much high in quality and is made up of basic fiber glass. The basic screen will rarely come with any warranty because of the less durable material that it is made of.

  • Specialty screen

The higher quality screen is known as the specialty screen. It is though basic fiber glass as well but is at least minimally 3 times thicker and more durable. It also has a considerable ratio of polyester yarn that adds to the thickness and makes the screen heavier. It has many further sub categorization as well including super screen, pet screen, better vue, solar screen, privacy screen and patio screen.