Exploring Automated PriceSeries TradeVisor for Effective Trading Tools

The financial markets of the world are buzzing with trade activities. Trillions of dollars are traded every day and the markets are not just confined to one country but have turned into global markets and people from around the world take part in it.

The lucrative markets of United States of America capture attention of all types of traders. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) being the prominent one among all the markets. The digital revolution has transformed each aspect of human’s life and same goes for the trading world. There are tons of apps and online software that are used worldwide to take an active part in the trade. Some software’s are specifically designed for specific markets. The usability and productivity of software matter a lot in trade.

The concept of automated trading has taken pace in past decade. The automated trading software’s can perform repetitive tasks and orders greater than any human equivalent. In most cases, software’s are more specific and useful as compared to brokers. Automated trading has opened the doors to naive traders who were dependent upon the brokers.

Priceseries is emerging company that offers products in automated trading for US markets. The top notch TradeVisor is making headlines in the market for being the best Web-based stock analysis software which is extremely powerful and competitive. Let’s explore the TradeVisor.

Exploring and Introducing TradeVisor: TradeVisor is effective web-based algorithmic trade and technical market scanner software. It is subscription based software developed by Rajesh Srivastava. The software defined a number of instructions that guides the trader for placing a trade at an efficient speed that results in profits. The TradeVisor is equipped with programming that utilizes advanced and complex mathematical models to give a set of instructions.

The TradeVisor is great for both passive and active traders. A number of updates are provided and alerts preparing trader in time for the fast upcoming day. TradeVisor gives reliability scores, stop loss values and other technical indicators in form of different charts and analysis.

TradeVisor is composed of different online tools. The tools are available in the menu bar. The tools include historic alerts, bar charts, and graphs. It is based on a cloud-based platform accessible from everywhere.

TradeVisor Features:

  • Identifies and Exits trades based on Algorithmic trading.
  • Helps in portfolio management
  • Livestock charts for every symbol
  • It covers around 4500 US stocks and ETF’s
  • Analysis updated each day around 7 pm
  • Simple to use and friendly user interface
  • Quite cheap at $50 fees per month
  • Daily and weekly charts for stocks
  • Technical indicators and graph for trade mapping
  • Compatible with all types of devices