Explain The Nursing Diagnosis Cardiomyopathy In Detail

What is cardiomyopathy means? It refers to a heart disease.The cardiomyopathy is a disease of heart muscle and this disease have many causes and symptoms and the treatments also. In the cardiomyopathy, the muscles of heart become enlarge, thick or rigid. The heart becomes weaker and heart beat becomes slow or cause heart failure.

Diagnosis process

It is the process in which the nature of sickness is identified and the examination of the symptoms. The process in which the condition of a person is describes the signs and symptoms through the advanced technologies. The disease is identified through machines in hospitals and then treatment is started after identifying the particular disease. It is necessary to diagnose the disease on time otherwise it can affect a lot internally.

Causes of cardiomyopathy

The cardiomyopathy is a disease of heart that leads serious heart problems. It can stop the supply of blood in the body. The cardiomyopathy can lead heart attack. The restrictive and hypertrophic are the main types of cardiomyopathy. Sometimes it is passed from parents to their offspring. There are many causes of cardiomyopathy that are given below:

  • Disorder the connectivity of tissue.
  • High blood pressure for a long term duration
  • Damage of tissues of fromheart attack.
  • Fast heart rate.
  • Drinking the alcohol.
  • Having too much stress.
  • Use of chemotherapy drugs etc.

Nursing care plans for cardiomyopathy

The cardiomyopathy can be treated by consulting the doctors on time and by adopting the nursing care plan. The nurse takes care and takes the following stepsfor the patient’s good health. The nurses check you and your diet on daily basis. Give you medicine on time. They use the precautions for you and help you to obtain the health goal. They make care plans daily for you. Nursing diagnosis includes improving the heart by the support of pumping it. The nurses’ perform the different function and visit to the patient day and night.Nursing care plans for cardiomyopathy plays a vital role for the improvement of the patients.


You take many precautions to stop the serious problems of cardiomyopathy.The precautions are necessary for the betterment of the health. By adopting the precautions, the cardiomyopathy can be control. There are the following steps you can take to stop the cardiomyopathy.

  • Do avoid the use of alcohol or any drugs.
  • Control the high blood pressure, cholesterolsand diabetes.
  • Use of the healthy diet for the healthy heart.
  • Exercise on daily basis.
  • Get you sleep well etc.


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