Expertise of a Plumber Singapore

Whenever you hire a plumber you should know all about plumbing; a plumber may be a novice or an expert. He may only know about sanitary plumbing or the roof plumbing etc. Every plumber has his expertise. Only an expert plumber will know how to fix and address all types of plumbing issues. Here is an explanation of what you should expect from an expert plumber Singapore with each type of plumbing,


A roofing plumber knows how the roof works. He knows how to install the pipes on the roof. He knows how to fix the pipe leaks in the roof. He is an expert in fabricating and installing metal roofing, downpipes, and gutters. He also knows how to install vents in roofs. A roofing plumber will tell the problem when looking at the roof. He will know if there is a leak in a pipe or not.

Sanitary plumbing

A sanitary plumber also knows everything about the installation of sanitary fixtures such as basins, sinks, toilets, etc. He also knows how to install waste pipes, drains, etc. a plumber also knows how to clear the blockages in sanitation. A sanitation plumber may have a separate license or certification sanitation plumbing.

Water supply

An expert water supply plumber will know all about installation or hot and cold water supply pipes in bathrooms and kitchens. He knows how to install and repair solar water systems, and also knows how to connect the rainwater tanks to the toilets for flushing and gardens for irrigation.

Gas fitting

Gas fitting plumbers only work with gas pipe installations and fixtures. An expert gas fitting plumber knows how to install gas pipes and equipment such as heaters and cook-tops. He can also install, fix and repair gas lines.


An expert drainage plumber can solve all the drainage problems including digging trenches, and lay drains. He can also repair and clear the underground drains. He will also know how to install sewerage systems.

You will find hundreds of plumbers in Singapore who can do all this. Each of the plumbers has his expertise. Make sure that you see their license before you hire them. If there is a plumber, who claims he has got the expertise to fix all of the above, make sure you look into his resume. It is the best way to find a reliable and a reputable plumber in Singapore.