Everything you need to know about the Screen enclosures

If you want a house with a bigger lawn, then you must be a person who spends more time in the outdoors. However, outdoors are never safer at night as the Wild animals can attack you anytime anywhere. A good quality Screen enclosures can give you a peace of mind by preventing the bugs or extreme weather to touch you. The maximum visibility provided by a lanai screen can allow you to sit back and inhale the fresh air flowing through the lanai or patio. It becomes the necessity of every home as it adds value and beauty to a home. This article will enlighten you various aspects of screen enclosures.

Popularity of screen enclosures

Today, you will find every home with a beautifully designed enclosure around the terrace or lanai. It was used for many years but with an unattractive and bulky structure. However, the structure, design and the overall appearance of screened enclosure is modifying with time. In today’s world, you will find millions of designs of theenclosure and every design will be even more attractive than the previous one.

Screen enclosures basicallyget popular from Florida which is the southernmost state of the United States of America. It is the area where you will find the most Screened rooms. The reasons for its popularity in this place is the combination of the bugs, the sun and the climate which motivates the people to build this enclosure in their home by screen-solutions.

Types of Screen

You will find various varieties of screen available in the market. They are broken into two major categories:

·        Basic Screen

A basic screen is further divided into two types which include Chinese screen or Basic fiberglass screen. The Chinese screen is imported from China, and it costs pretty less. However, the basic fiberglass screen is the invention of the National manufacturers, and it lasts for a longer period.

·        Specialty screen

There are different types of specialty screen including the super screen, pet screen, sun screen and privacy screen. The privacy screen is an upgraded form of basic fiberglass screen but is designed to last three times the fiberglass screen. Then comes the pet screen, this screen is sturdy than the ordinary insect screen because it is designed for avoiding screen damage caused by a dog or cat. The sunscreen is designed especially for blocking up the sun heat or glare. Finally, the privacy screen keeps the debris out of the screened pool enclosures and give the appearance of an obscured glass.