Essaouira and the Beach: Perfect Combination

There are not reason for having a bad trip if you decided to go to that country that you always loved. People oftenhave bad experiences because they do not enjoy the country and do not understand why things work in one way and not in the way they wanted to, the same happens in Morocco.

There are cities that are not meant for everyone. If you travel to Marrakech but you hate noisy and crowded cities you will not have fun. If you hate being hot and the sand, then the Sahara Desert is not for you. It is just about researching and deciding the best place for you. That is why Morocco Tours are designed for every kind of person.

There is a city that many people love and this is Essaouira. There are many positive and negative comments and we are going to talk about this. So, if you are planning to do the Morocco Tours, trips and you want to visit Essaouira, you need to read this article.

The first thing that is actually the best thing about Essaouira is the beach. Here you will find hippies and here you will relax and you will escape from cities like Marrakech or Fez. People enjoy this atmosphere, laying on the beach, listening to the nature sounds and talking to hippies. You can walk, walk and walk and nothing bad is going to happen. You get a distraction from crowded cities and this is something you need to do when you are in a new country.

When people come here it is really common to notice how they want to extend their trips in Morocco, but I do not recommend you spend like two weeks here, this is just for relaxing and you can relax in your home country, so just enjoy and go to another place too. Just remember to walk and enjoy the beach a lot. You can also get lost in the Medina, this is a common thing to do and it is not a surprise to hear that.

One thing that always surprises the tourist is that the beach is empty most of the time, and this is a good thing for them, they can enjoy the beach a lot. This is good for children as there are not waves and they can have fun here and parents do not need to be stressed about that.

Remember to be aware of the special dates. There are many festivals that can take place in this city and you need to know that the city will change dramatically during the festivals. People will travel here and you will find yourself in chez or Marrakech again, so be aware of that! Morocco Tours should be taken when there are not special events in certain cities. Also, prices will double and things will take out of control.

Another thing is about sports. If you love kitesurf you need to visit Essaouira. People who love doing this will enjoy this experience even more, and taking into account that the water is calm and warm, the experience will be even better. Besides of these activities you can ride a camel, horse, carts and of course kitesurf.

Even though the beach is great, some people will not recommend to have a bath here. It is windy –special for kind surf and sometimes it is not too safe to have a bath here – at least not for a long time- but I think it is good and maybe it depends on the day, there are better days.